Tuesday, November 13, 2007  
Tuesdays are lazy, man.
Before we get started, as you all know, the game this week will not be on television, so I would suggest that you get your tickets asap to go watch Alabama hammer on La-Monroe for a lil while. Head on over to TickCo.com and check out their Alabama section for more.

I had intended on posting JPW's late game blunders from the past two seasons, but it turns out that's going to take a lot longer than I thought it would. Today we'll just stick with some news stories.

Lloyd Carr is reportedly resigning after the Ohio State game, and word is spreading on campus like wildfire. If you didn't already have Michigan and the points, then go ahead and take them, cause it's gonna be a fight to the death.

Just a little something to tease all of you fans of Saban's work at LSU. According to one of the posters over at TideSports.com, when Saban came to LSU, Gerry Dinardo's recruiting classes the 3 years before he took over were as follows: #7 in 1997, #8 in 1998, and #9 in 1999. Shula's recruiting ranking the 4 years he was there were as follows: #49 in 2003, #15 in 2004, #18 in 2005, and #11 in 2006. Hmmmmm. I see something here. I think Saban had better overall talent when he went into LSU. Especially on the lines.

Ray Melick goes into detail about players that have produced big time in the past, but haven't seen a whole lot of playing time this season. Two of the biggest were Jimmy Johns and Keith Brown. The reason? They haven't bought in, and players that don't do things Saban's way don't get to play. Period.

Finebaum is absolutely blasting the Auburn nation today, thanks to their fairweatherness regarding Tubs. He seems to think that Texas A&M may not even want him now after that dud last Saturday.

Raycom has bought the broadcasting rights of SEC and ACC football and basketball games. This is GREAT news because it could possibly mean the end of the Daves, and it will probably look like a real game now, as compared to a game from the 1980s. The broadcast quality on JP and LF were just awful, along with the announcing. Hopefully all of that will change. Read more here.

The quote I like the most from yesterday's press conference was at the end of a question about John Parker Wilson. Saban went through his usual talk about pointing out the obvious, but he did say this to close out the answer: "This organization can't tolerate bad judgments." Wow. Apparently things got pretty heated between players in the locker room after the game, which is something I like hearing. At least they were all pissed off and ready to get out there and fight, rather than moping around feeling sorry. Read more about all of that here.

Here's the link for the transcript of yesterday's press conference. It's got good stuff in there.

Comments: is it me, or is it 3 and 2 then 3 and 2, then 3? Ide be happy with a 9 and 4 Season.... Wouldnt you?

SFC Bama Tew
# posted by Blogger SFC Bama Tew : 8:33 PM   I'd love a 9-4 season. I just see that a lot more was possible for this team without erratic play from the QB and OL positions. If this team makes it to 9-4, it'll be a miracle.

But I'm rooting like hell for em. :-)
# posted by Blogger Memphis Tider : 10:31 AM   Post a Comment

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