Friday, November 16, 2007  
Every week I end up saying this...but I've never been so ready for the weekend in my life. It's like I go through entire days in some kind of haze, just waiting to get home and get away from the office, even if it's just to play NCAA 08. Haha.

This weekend should be somewhat entertaining. Since Alabama and La-Monroe will not be on TV, I will be at the Memphis / UAB game at the Liberty Bowl. I don't really have a rooting interest, but it'd be nice for Memphis to finally break that streak, so the coaches don't go absolutely crazy. :-) I figure I'll eat some Central BBQ before the game and all that - and then we've got the show that night. If you're in Memphis and you're not going to the Bama game, head on over to Newby's around 9pm and party with us. It should be a fun time.

They announced yesterday that Geoff Calkins and Gary Parrish will have their own morning show on 730 ESPN starting in January, which should be pretty entertaining. Gary's always done a great job on the Chris Vernon show, and Geoff has always seemed like he'd be better in a different setting rather than having to deal with George Lapides every morning. Should be fun times ahead.

If you want to read up on the history from Louisiana-Monroe's side, check out their school's Alabama preview page.

Alabama signed JaMychal Green, who is the #5 power forward in the country, and the #17 overall player in the country. Looks like he's going to be a stud. Read more about him here.

Coach Saban still knows nothing about the textbook-five, and whether or not they will be allowed to play this Saturday. We're hopeful that they'll be back in time for the Auburn game, but as of Wednesday the NCAA had not even received Alabama's findings from the investigation.

The deal between Alabama and Clemson to play next August 30th at the Georgia Dome is close to being done. Alabama will have to reschedule the game with Western Kentucky on that date...but I'm sure they'll figure all that out.

I wish this guy had talked to JPW before the game last week. "Memo to JPW: Take the sack when Alabama is leading and a field goal does some good. Don't take a sack when you need a touchdown to win the game."

Leigh Tiffin has hit 15 of his last 17 field goals, and is currently ranked #3 in the country with 21 field goals on the season. If that's not a turn around from last season, I don't know what is. Read more here.

This year's senior class is attempting to be the first class since 2001 to win their home finale in Bryant-Denny. That's been 6 years man. I didn't have a clue it was that long. So I guess it started with Auburn in 2002, then LSU in '03, then Auburn in '04, then LSU in '05, then Auburn in '06...and now we get Louisiana-Monroe. Slightly different change of pace there. Oh well...a win is a win. Read more about the senior class here.

Comments: MT, what is the story on the "textbook 5". There is very little press on what the players actually did.
# posted by Blogger cs : 9:27 AM   apparently some girls on one of the other athletic teams (i can't recall which one) didn't have enough money to help out their boyfriends, who needed books for their classes.

the story i'm being told is that the football players still had some allotted textbook money on their student cards and bought the books for the guys that couldn't afford them, to help out the girls on whatever other team. apparently this is a big no-no, and the books they bought were in excess of $100 each, hence the 4-game suspension.

We're not sure what the NCAA matter will be with it, but at least we caught it immediately and didn't play the kids anymore. But knowing how the NCAA hates Alabama, this could end up being something MUCH bigger.
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