Thursday, November 29, 2007  
Only 2 more days
The weekend is looming. If we've got anybody on the site that just so happens to wanna take a trip to Atlanta for the SEC Championship game, check out's SEC Championship Tickets. It is INCREDIBLY doubtful that Alabama will end up in the Cotton Bowl, but if you're a fan of a team other than Alabama that may make its way over to Dallas, check out's Cotton Bowl tickets. Once we find out which bowl we're going to on Sunday, we'll post links to theirs as well.

We'll make today's post relatively short. It appears as though the Liberty Bowl is going to be Alabama's best option. The University was already going to work with them regarding the 25th anniversary of Bear's last game, so it's an obvious choice. Not to mention, of course, that there would still be a bowl game open for Mississippi State or Kentucky, whichever was left out. Geographically it would fit perfectly - Kentucky in Nashville, Bama in Memphis, and State in Shreveport.

It took long enough, but Michigan has finally requested permission to speak with Les Miles. I have a feeling that he was down their list of candidates, and was one of the few that actually wanted the Michigan job. Of course, we all know why Lloyd Carr doesn't want Les Miles - because Miles is an idiot.

Apparently what's holding up contract talks between Auburn and Tuberville is the fact that Arkansas is trying to find a way to pay for his services, according to Arkansas has Tubs high on their list.

Texas A&M downed the Tide in basketball last night in College Station, TX, 76-63. Sucks. We get SE Louisiana on Saturday, so hopefully that'll be another win before we get to play Georgetown next week.

Ok, now to the recruiting. We'll look at the kids that we have coming back and the ones coming in. Today we'll focus on the offensive line, and yes, I'm going to include some kids that Shula recruited as well as Saban. Now, these kids are not in any order right now. This is just showing you the kids and their size. I know a little bit about them, but not a maybe you'll learn some new names as well.

Offensive Line

John Michael Boswell - Class of 2008. 6'6" 290lbs 4-star from Northport, AL, so he's a hometown boy. Big kid who plays bigger.

Barrett Jones - Class of '08. 6'5" 271lbs 4-star from Memphis, TN. The number one recruit in the state of Tennessee, and boy is he a good one. He'll be a hoss.

Tyler Love - Class of '08. 6'7" 285lbs 4-star from Mountain Brook, AL. He was our first 5-star commitment in this class. He'll be another helluva prospect.

Patrick Crump - Class of '07. 6'3" 285lbs 3-star from Hoover, AL. Lots of raw potential, but sometimes makes dumb mistakes.

William Vlachos - Class of '07. 6'2" 287lbs 3-star from Birmingham. I've heard nothing but great things about him, so I'm kinda surprised I didn't see him on the field this year. Probably red-shirted.

Taylor Pharr - Class of '06. 6'6" 270lbs 4-star from Irondale, AL. One of Shula's boys. He should be a gem - much like Vlachos.

David Ross - Class of '06. 6'4" 295lbs 4-star from Homewood, AL. Quick feet for a center. Should be able to hold his own in the conference. Has added weight since he arrived on campus, but it appears to be more muscle.

Comments: This guy isn't even on the team anymore...come on man, your better than that.
# posted by Blogger Silverbullet : 12:07 PM   I'm slackin my ass off. I guess it's that late-night-wake-up-early crap that I've got goin on. I had put together a buncha notes from the past couple of years of recruiting and was going through those.

Apologies again.
# posted by Blogger Memphis Tider : 2:20 PM   Is this the white boy recruiting post?
# posted by Blogger TideDruid : 10:41 PM   pretty much. i didn't even realize we don't have a single african-american offensive lineman in the last 3 classes. that's strange.

that could change if we get antoine mcclaine, of course. :-)
# posted by Blogger Memphis Tider : 12:15 AM   Post a Comment

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