Saturday, November 17, 2007  
It's official.
I am officially embarrassed.

I could take losses to SEC competition.

Even Mississippi State on the road.

I could handle non-conference neutral site losses to BCS teams like Florida State.

But a 21-14 loss to Louisiana-Monroe on Senior Day is unacceptable.

John Parker Wilson,
The day you leave this university cannot get here soon enough.

Shula's recruits,
Not a single one of you has any character. Good riddance.

I'll debate over the next couple of days whether or not I'm even going to watch the Iron Bowl.

Still, I'm a supporter. Roll Tide. Beat Belmont on Monday at Coleman.

Comments: Misery. I was hoping Saban could change the mindset. Looks like it's going to take graduation.
# posted by Blogger Macon : 9:29 AM   there's no way to change whether or not a kid has character.

graduation...and players looking like the only way to go.
# posted by Blogger Memphis Tider : 11:08 AM   It's gonna' take some time to put this program back together. There will be surprising wins and equally surprising losses. I'm just happy for the coaching staff that this season is over. It had to be pure hell for a competetive bunch like them...
# posted by Blogger WalkerTom : 12:55 PM   Walkertom -
Don't they still have one more very important game?

Also, I wrote plenty about this on my own blog, and I am a not-bitter-about-Saban LSU fan. I think a look at history explains this loss, and doesn't bode ill for Bama in the future. Anyway, you can read it at:
# posted by Blogger Pelican State Sports : 4:38 PM   Maybe a little harsh regarding JPW, but I certainly understand your frustration. I was there and witnessed the futility firshand. True, JPW is killing us right now. But he has played relatively well at times in the past. He should be improving instead of getting worse, but just has no confidence.

The bigger problem is with the guys who just DON'T get it! How can DJ Hall get himself suspended for a half? How selfish and disrespectful to the team, coaches and fans. His presence in the first half could have made the difference.

How can guys be so selfish as to break the textbook rules? It destroyed the opportunity to build a cohesive line and took away our only consistent big back. Again, how selfish.

And Jimmy Johns... if you'd followed the rules, maybe you'd be in better game form, you know, the form than enables you NOT to fumble in the shadow of your own endzone?

I've had it with the underachieving, selfish element on this team that has been the anchor all year long. It's time for a little cleansing and time for the new guys to come in and wear the crimson jersey with pride.

Roll Tide.
# posted by Blogger bamaman181 : 10:07 PM   Bamaman181 hit the nail on the head: PRIDE. Regardless of the era, guys have always worn that jersey with PRIDE and this group of clowns needs to give theirs back.
# posted by Blogger cs : 8:14 AM   character is the key, and this team has none, there are some younger players who probably have it in them, and Saban will pull that out of them, but this senior class is one of the losingest Sr classes ever and its cleary why. I hate to lose, I may not have been a great high school talent but when the cips were down that was when you better watch your back with me cause I was going to knock your head off, these guys, they just don't care, they put on a great show in the locker room afterwards, but "caring" is either on the field or it doesn't count.
# posted by Blogger slammer : 8:43 AM   Post a Comment

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