Thursday, November 15, 2007  
In case you didn't know...
yesterday was NATIONAL SIGNING DAY! Yay!

Only thing is, it was for that other sport. Haha. You know the one with the round ball. According to, Alabama had the #12 ranked class in the country. Not bad for a guy that supposedly can't coach to save his life. Click here to meet the new players.

After listening to the Mercer game on the radio, I am convinced that this team is going to be MUCH better than last year's. Richard Hendrix reminds me an awful lot of Erwin Dudley, and Jemison and Coleman (if he picks up his game) are adequate reserves. Brandon Hollinger is like a poor-man's Pettway, and Tubbs is like a more defensive minded Earnest Shelton. The only thing we're REALLY missing is that guy that can just take over a ballgame, kinda like a Kennedy Winston. I'm thinking Riley or Gee could fill that gap if their play is less sporadic than last season. Regardless, I think we're going to be a much improved ball club because we won't be relying so much on somebody that can't play.

Oh well...back to football. I'm going to take some time off bitching about John Parker Wilson, or anybody else for that matter. The bottom line is this: we're a 6-4 football team that has a good shot to get to 8-4 and a decent bowl game. Yes, our quarterback play is pretty bad. Yes, our offensive line play is pretty bad. Yes, our defense can't stop teams from running the football (see Miss State last week with 6 minutes left in the game). But regardless, we're still an alright football team with a chance to defy expectations and go out and whip some ass. First in line? Louisiana-Monroe.

Calvin Dawson is a machine. The La-Monroe running back has run for at least 100 yards in 14 of his last 15 starts, with the lone exception being against, of all teams, North Texas. Read more about how the Warhawks will try to attack our defense.

Thanks to Alabama and Auburn always playing the Iron Bowl a week early, so either team would have a chance to rest the week before the SEC Championship game, now ALL SEC teams have to play the week before the game, including Alabama and Auburn. Read more here.

The Birmingham News says that the winner of the Iron Bowl will be in Atlanta next month - for the Chick-Fil-A Bowl. That sure would make some Bama fans happy, since we have a damn large contingency in the ATL. Read more notes for the weekend, including an upset pick of Mississippi State over Arkansas, here.

I had already posted it, but I'm posting again. Don'ta Hightower committed to Alabama the other day, giving us another 4* prospect this season. It is entirely possible that we can get as many 4 and 5 star kids in this one year than we've gotten over the last 4. Yes, you read that correctly. Read more about Don'ta.

I had no idea, but Leigh Tiffin is becoming a BEAST at kicker for us. He tied his father, Van Tiffin, as the only kicker to kick two 50+ yarders in one game last week. He's only 3 field goals shy of the year mark set by Phillip Doyle, and he's only 7 points shy of breaking Phillip Doyle's season points record of 100, which was set in 1989. Pretty lofty stats for a kicker. He's been a blessing this season, I'll tell you that much. Read more here.

The seniors are ready to go out and take care of business in their last game at Bryant-Denny Stadium. I have a feeling these guys will put as much of a pounding on ULM as possible before the 2nd string comes in. Look for Bama to hit early and often in this one. No looking ahead this week - not after what happened with Houston, since these two teams are very similar.

Coach Saban won't even discuss the possibility of the 2nd string coming into the game. He's just worried about winning the game. Read more here.

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