Friday, November 30, 2007  
Friday, and the carousel turns...
The Tuberville-to-Arkansas talk is blowing up online today. is all over, with conflicting stories coming from the different sides. My personal guess is this - Tuberville wants more money (like Saban-type money) from Auburn, but Auburn doesn't want to do that. They'll bump him up considerably, but not to the range that Tubby wants. Arkansas has possibly mentioned that they'll jump him up into that pay-scale. Tubs probably does want out of Auburn to go back home to Arkansas, but if Auburn pays the ridiculous salary that he's asking for, then he's ok with that too. If they don't, he can ride off into the Arkansas sunset, coach for a few years, then retire and go duck hunting in his backyard.

We got a commitment yesterday from the one thing we were really missing last year on defense - the huge, looks-like-he's-gonna-eat-somebody defensive tackle to weigh down the 3-4 defense. Terrence Cody is a JUCO commit from Gulf Coast Community College, and you can bet your ass he'll be starting next year. He's still got two years of eligibility, so he'll be starting immediately next year. What sounds good to me is 2009 when we'll have Cody AND D.J. Fluker, another kid that's 6'5" 325lbs. Looks like we'll be set for yeeeears to come. 2009 could end up being a VERY good year, as long as we get the QB position figured out.

I suppose we can go ahead and move on over to the future of the defensive line now, which, in my opinion, is the most important position on the field, aside from QB. The defensive line can dictate the tempo and direction of a game, and we've got some studs coming in to help out. These recruits are from the last two seasons, and they're not in any kinda order, like usual. I won't bother you with any extra information other than their star count and their sizes. :-)

Defensive Line

Luther Davis - 6'4" 275lbs 4-star DE from West Monroe, LA. Runs a 4.8.

Alfred McCullough - 6'2" 317lbs 4-star DT from Athens, AL. Runs a 4.9.

Jeremy Elder - 6'3" 270lbs 2-star DE from College Park, GA. Runs a 4.9.

Josh Chapman - 6'1" 300lbs 3-star DT from Hoover, AL. Runs a 4.9.

Alex Watkins - 6'3" 218lbs 4-star DE from Brownsville, TN. Runs a 4.65. He'll probably end up at the jack position.

Nick Gentry - 6'1" 265lbs 3-star DT from Prattville, AL. Runs a 4.78.

Kerry Murphy - 6'5" 315lbs 4-star DT from Hoover, AL. Runs a 5.1.

Undra Billingsley - 6'4" 260lbs 3-star DE from Birmingham, AL. Runs a 4.7.

Brandon Lewis - 6'3" 260lbs 4-star DE from Pleasant Grove, AL. Runs a 4.7.

Courtney Upshaw - 6'2" 220lbs 4-star DE from Eufaula, AL. Runs a 4.7. Will probably play the jack position, or linebacker. Seems too small to play anywhere else.

Michael Williams - 6'6" 240lbs 4-star DE from Reform, AL. Runs a 4.7.

Terrence Cody - 6'5" 395lbs 4-star DE from Perkinston, MS. Runs a 5.5.

Damion Square - 6'3" 270lbs 3-star DE from Houston, TX. Runs a 4.6. Will not play DT. Too much speed.

DJ Fluker - 6'7" 325lbs 4-star DT from Biloxi, MS. Runs a 4.9. Class of '09, so one more year before he gets here.

I want you guys to notice. Out of those 14 defensive linemen, only two of them, two 300+ pounders, everyone runs a sub 5 40. Not only are they big, but they're quick as well. This could be a scary group for the next few years. Just wait til Fluker gets here. :-)

Comments: Wow, it looks like a prison line up.
# posted by Blogger The nigga : 11:36 AM   This really does look like a mean group with their game faces on.

You wouldn't want to be too offensive toward this group.
# posted by Blogger WesCrimson : 3:35 PM   You ain't playin. I wish our offensive line looked that tough, relative to our defensive line.

# posted by Blogger Memphis Tider : 3:51 PM   Mean? 18 year old kids don't know mean. Have a house payment, car notes, credit card bills, wife, kids, and then tell me who's mean.
# posted by Blogger The nigga : 3:57 PM   Post a Comment

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