Friday, November 23, 2007  
Bye-Bye Les Miles
So long brotha. Can't win "the big one" at home with the whole world watching. With the most talent in the country, you once again lose 2 ballgames. It doesn't matter if you go 10-2 if you don't win any championships. That's just how it goes. Legends are made by people that win championships - not guys that go 10-2. Yes, 32-6 is a gaudy record...but where are your trophies? Where are the rings? Apparently the best talent in the country can only get you to 3 overtimes when you're being completely outcoached.

I mean, honestly, we saw how well your recruits can play when Beckwith was out of the game, when Hillis ran 60+ yards right up the gut when your linebacker overpursued on the play and ran himself out of position. We saw how undisciplined your team is when you had two straight big gains called back in the 4th quarter due to stupid penalties. Bottom line - we'll see ya in Ann Arbor.

And you, Coach O. Talk about a choke job of massive proportions. Leading 14-0 with under 8 minutes left, and you lose 17-14? I'm pretty sure that this performance sealed your fate. The only reason these guys won't fire you is because nobody on the PLANET wants that job. Congrats on going 0-fer in the SEC. That hasn't been done since Mississippi State in 2002 under Jackie Sherrill.

And to think. If Mike Shula hadn't been the coach, Derek Pegues would've gone to Alabama.


Comments: Gee...are you bitter or happy, I'm confused!
# posted by Blogger Dave : 8:29 PM   It's been a long, weird season.

Roll Tide! Beat Auburn!
# posted by Blogger Joe : 8:45 PM   Would just like to point out:

Les Miles 1
Nick Saban 0

Mitigating factors or no, the numbers don't lie.
# posted by Blogger Pelican State Sports : 7:16 AM   Go ahead Pelican. Say whatever you would like to try and make yourself feel better. :-)

Bottom line is, you've had the most talent in the country for the last three years, and you still have nothing to show for it.

And to Dave - I'm happy. No bitterness here, my friend. :-)
# posted by Blogger Memphis Tider : 4:21 PM   We'll have an SEC title after this weekend....

Katrina and Rita did affect 2005, and last year we finished number 3 in the country. Not a bad run. And how is this stat for you:

Tommy Tuberville 4
Nick Saban 2

Does that concern you at all? Probably not, since you are convinced he will be at A&M next year. We might take him at LSU, though....
# posted by Blogger Pelican State Sports : 10:18 AM   Actually, pelican, I think everybody will be staying right where they are.

Saban made a pact with Michigan and A&M to make sure that nobody else would offer Miles and Tubs, so they can get their annual beatings from here on out. Haha.

But honestly, it does look neither of them are going anywhere now. And no, 4-2 doesn't bother me at all. :-)
# posted by Blogger Memphis Tider : 12:04 PM   Post a Comment

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