Wednesday, October 17, 2007  
Wednesday warriors...
Ok, one of my neighbors used to be a collegiate official. What he brought up to me regarding the Ole Miss play was that the explanation was correct. The Ole Miss player went out of bounds, therefore making him an ineligible receiver. The 2nd part of the play - and yes Hotty Toddy, you were correct - there was no indisputable evidence. You couldn't tell who touched the ball first (even though it looks like Hodge did first). Once the first part of the play, where he ran out of bounds, was reversed, they couldn't go back and give him the catch because there was no indisputable evidence which player touched it first. That's the explanation I was given.

I also noticed that the silent leader of this defense, to this point, has been Kareem Jackson. My dad and I talked about it last night - nobody is throwing at him during games. They take a couple of chances, but when they need a play at the end of the game, they go towards Lionel Mitchell or Johnson or somebody else - never at Jackson.

Y'know the difference between Kareem and all of our other defensive backs? Kareem hasn't developed bad habits under another coaching staff. He's fresh for the teaching.

Ok, so anyway, back to the game at hand - I watched the Tennessee / Mississippi State game last night. It was very very interesting, to say the least. I think we've got a VERY good shot last night. Something fishy is going on in Tuscaloosa. Coach Saban's got something up his sleeve - whether it will be a new defensive line rotation (enter Davis, McCullough, Chapman, etc) to keep everyone fresh, or new schemes, or something. I feel a little something different in the air. Not to mention the fact that there's something about us being favored by -1 that just doesn't sound right. People should start running with that line and bet Tennessee, just like the public did when Tennessee was a -2 favorite over Georgia and the line moved enough to give Georgia the -1.5 advantage by kickoff.

We'll just have to see, but don't say I didn't warn you when we end up blowing these guys out.

Lionel Mitchell says he didn't even realize that there was a controversy - says he doesn't really read the papers or listen to the radio very much. Riiiiight. Read more here.

Yes, it is extremely possible for John Parker Wilson to play his best game and not throw a touchdown. Ask Coach Saban. Read more here.

Alabama isn't the only team that does well when they score first - Tennessee has scored first in all 4 of their victories so far this year. Alabama has scored first in all 5 of their victories - so I guess the first 5 minutes will determine the game, ehh?

Rashad Johnson is a helluva ballplayer - and to think, he started out as a walk-on running back here at the Capstone. Read more here.

Former Tennessee standout, Chuck Smith, has been helping out Wallace Gilberry all year. You gotta wonder if he'll be helping this week.

Kinda scary, but since Bryant, the only other coaches that started 5-2 were Ray Perkins and Bill Curry. DuBose started 4-3. For some reason though, I don't feel like this hire will end up like those. Read more.

Stop the 4-yard dive off tackle, and you stop Tennessee. That play is what they base their offense around. 2nd-and-6 or 3rd-and-2 is incredibly manageable and puts Erik Ainge into comfortable situations. Stop that play and we've got a chance to really stop their offense.

The Sporting News chimes in about how both of these teams get off to quick starts. Read here.

You haven't been paying attention, have you? I know, I already thought you knew Arenas was a star. Yeah, he leads the SEC in punt returns, etc. What you didn't know is that Javier is making a name for the secondary. He's the Tide's 6th defensive back and is doing a damn good job at it. Read more.

Comments: Just saw a pic on a message board and while neither player has yet touched the ball, I believe Hodge was about to touch it. Though I've also heard that the replay booth only had tv video which was far from conclusive and that still irritates me, I now believe that Hodge did touch the ball first. That makes the receiver ineligible.
# posted by Blogger Hotty Toddy : 11:50 AM   I appreciate you coming back and posting what you see now.

If you'll read the beginning of this post, the explanation I got from a former official really explained everything to me.

You were right - it was not indisputable who touched the ball first. What IS indisputable is that the player ran out of bounds - which is grounds to rule him ineligible since there's no indisputable evidence that the defensive player touched the ball first.

Regardless, you need to get your coach to snap out of the "we get all the bad calls and it's not fair" mentality and tell him to get his boys ready for Arkansas. I want you guys to whip Houston's ass for us.
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