Friday, October 19, 2007  
Thank God it's....the end of the week.
Man, I don't know how much longer I can handle working. Only about 45 years 'til retirement though, so it's getting closer. Haha.

I haven't made picks on here in a while, but here's what I've got this week -

Florida (-6.5) @ Kentucky
Mississippi St (+24) @ West Virginia
Auburn (+10.5) @ LSU
Tennessee @ Alabama (0)

I'm hoping a couple of these work - I've been doing relatively well this year.

Regardless, it's Tennessee time, and I need to show my hatred for all things orange.

I have hated UcheaT for a LONG LONG time - and a good reason, of course, is because I live in Memphis, where about half of the city supports those bastards. Everyone has their reasons for hating a school, and mine are about the same as everyone else's - their fans are arrogant redneck assholes that don't know when to shut the hell up. I cheer for EVERY team that's playing the Colts, week in and week out, just because I hate Peyton. I smiled a little bit when Jamal Lewis went to jail. I still laugh whenever Travis Henry goes out with an injury. And these are guys that don't even play for UT anymore - they've moved on to the NFL, but I still hate them with everything in my soul. Call it a burning passion, if you will. Their school colors are disgusting. Their fight song makes me want to vomit. All in all, I hate EVERYTHING about Tennessee.

Ok, now that's we've gotten past that, here's what's going on in the news today...

There are a lot of differences between Nick Saban and Phil Fulmer - but there is one huge similarity: both are winners. Saturday should be fun.

Mark McCarter goes into detail about just how much the officials are relying on instant replay this season. It sounds more like he's still bitter about Ole Miss getting beat. C'mon man - it's Tennessee week. There's better things to write about than your perception that Ole Miss got the shaft. Shut up and get over it.

Erik Ainge says that his team is ready for Saturday - "There's not really much to say. It's Alabama-Tennessee. We're cranked up." Like we've talked about all week, their offensive line is doing a great job - Ainge has only been sacked twice this year. It's up to our defense to get some kinda pressure on him. He's a bad decision maker under pressure. Read more here.

Tennessee has two freshmen starting in the secondary. DJ Hall joked that we'll take it easy on them. Riiiiiight.

Pete Fox, from, is picking UT by 10 tomorrow. Sounds cool to me.

Scarbinsky actually has a decent article this go round, stating that if Bama beats Tennessee, Alabama fans won't just be drinking the Saban kool-aid - they'll be bathing in it.

The 3rd Saturday in October is, at least for this year, known as seperation Saturday. The winner of Auburn / LSU will lead the SEC West along with Alabama, if they pull out a win over Tennessee. Both of those games are huge because if LSU and Alabama both win, it sets the stage perfectly for a knock-down drag out fight to the death in Bryant-Denny on November 3rd, and I guarantee that the whole world will be watching to see who takes control of the SEC West. Anyway, enough about that - read more here.

Comments: I too live in Memphis and have an TN license plate with the collegiate Alabama logo on the plate. Not a week goes by that some hick, car painted with orange crap, doesn't drive by and give me the finger and yell "Bama sucks" with my kids in the truck with me. That in itself speaks of the class of people associated with UT (University of Trash).
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# posted by Blogger jimmyduece1 : 4:32 PM   I know the feeling, I am in the Army Stationed at Fort Knox, Kentucky and I have to deal with UK, UofL and UT fans all talking trash about my Tide... I just smile and tell them to have a "Nice Day," and them blow my Fight Song Horn... Roll Tide!
SFC Roll Tide
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