Wednesday, October 10, 2007  
I was lucky enough to score some free tickets to check out a couple of DAMN good rock n roll bands last night - and this was real rock n roll, not the bullshit that's on the radio today. This is the real deal sex, drugs, and rock n roll that we know and love.

Talk about cool. It was a helluva show. Alice in Chains' new singer sounds exactly like Layne, so that's cool. They played all of their hits, which was awesome. Then Velvet Revolver played that good old school Hollywood classic punk rock. Just straight up rock n roll. COCAINE!!! ALCOHOL!!! Crazy shit man. I had a beer and stayed on the lawn with my guitar player and bass player the whole time. We were taking notes...haha.

Contrary to what we thought we heard in the post-game interview on Saturday, Coach Saban has come out saying that JP Wilson "is our guy." Read more here.

We know there's a problem, and one of the ways to fix it is to have competition for playing time - we're just not sure where. Read more here.

Nikita Stover's critics all said that, if he went to junior college, he would never make it to Alabama. Well, he did, and he's here to tell you all about it.

Ole Miss really feels like they can win this game. Read more about what the players are saying here.

Justin Britt's mother was recently in a car accident and had to have surgery. He's been absent from practice and the tide is preparing to play without him, which means Caldwell will move from right guard last week to left guard this week, and Evan Cardwell may get his 2nd straight start at center. Read more here.

Coach O tried to get Terry Grant to come to Ole Miss, and he wouldn't even visit. Haha. Read more here.

John Parker Wilson thinks that the lack of production is due to not being mentally into the game. Once they got off to a hot start, they got comfortable and stopped doing things the right way. He said it's easily fixable - they just have to come out and do it. Read more here.

Ole Miss's leading tackler, safety Jamarca Sanford, is questionable for Saturday's game. You've got to wonder what impact that will have on the game.

Even Coach O doesn't think that Ole Miss's defense is fixed just yet. He said the difference between Georgia and La Tech is huge. Same thing with Alabama and La Tech. Read more of his comments here.

Well, the Black Coaches Association is at it again. They've given Alabama a grade of "F" for their inability to even interview minority coaches. Which is ridiculous to me because they know that we wanted one or two guys and that was it - Rich Rodriguez (which sounds like a minority candidate) or Nick Saban. Not hard to figure out. Read more here.

Reggie Bush-gate could be back in full swing. Lloyd Lake, one of the financiers of failed marketing company New Era Sports & Entertainment, has agreed to meet with NCAA investigators and turn over financial records and other evidence that would tie Bush and his family to nearly $280,000 in extra benefits allegedly taken during Bush's days at USC. Sounds like trouble for USC. This all just happens to go along with the rumors that I've heard that Pete Carroll will be the new GM and Head Coach of the San Diego Chargers after this season. Norv Turner was a one-year hire, from what I'm hearing.

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