Thursday, October 04, 2007  
Ready for the weekend....almost...
Wow. If you didn't watch the Rice-Southern Miss game last night, you missed some disgusting football. Southern turned the ball over 7 times, and still almost won the game. I guess that's how bad Rice really is.

Southern started their 3rd string quarterback because of injuries to the first two, but he broke his ankle on the 3rd play of the game. The 2nd stringer came in to try and salvage the game, even with a strained oblique muscle. Sadly, he threw 4 picks and fumbled twice.

Conference USA is some kinda bad this year. Maybe Memphis has a shot at the title...who knows. Anyway - don't forget to watch Daphne and Foley, and Julio Jones, tonight on ESPN2, and make sure you check out Kentucky and South Carolina on ESPN. That's sure to be one helluva game. If Kentucky wins this one, their game against LSU next week will be tops in the country.

Man, if you thought things were looking grim for Coach Fran before, read Dodd's article. It's pretty obvious that they're looking for any excuse to kick him to the curb and not have to pay his buyout.

There was an outcry for punishment for those that threw things on the Georgia players - and we got it. Read all of the punishments here. These go into effect for this game, and will hopefully have an impact on our conduct at games.

Be ready for the onslaught from people that want to start complaining about punishment. Deaderick's punishment for his arrest over the summer was community service at the Capstone Village, an assisted living facility in Tuscaloosa. Read more here.

Coaches are more worried about security and privacy now more than ever. Read Yahoo's story on it.

CSTV brings up Saban's icing of Georgia's kicker. They also brought up Urban Meyer's trying to ice Auburn's kicker. Read more here.

Coach Saban was asked about Jimmy Johns' role in the offense, and he responded by saying that Jimmy has done a good job, but that no role-change is going to happen. Basically, whenever they need a fullback, he'll come in, but they normally don't use one. Read more here.

The Huntsville Times points out that expectations have changed for Alabama this year. Where we thought the offense would be lighting it up, just to stay with the other teams since our defense would be so bad, now we're more worried about the offense. The defense has been keeping us in ballgames that would have been blowouts. Read more here.

BamaMag says it's tough to figure out exactly where Alabama is headed. But one guy knows, and he's the only guy that matters: Coach Saban. Read more here.

The Houston Chronicle gives us a little bit of information on Houston's no-name offense. Coach Saban just says it's "very diverse." That's about all you can say.

Comments: I think there should be an article on our "no name offense". I mean what kind of offense are we running? And please no one say pro style, pros have million dollar players at every position that execute and make plays. In college you have to be a little more creative than we have been. I am one who also thought that the defense would struggle, but with the way JPW looks so uncomfortable in the pocket really has me worried. The real question is can we score enough points to beat Houston b/c they will score.
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