Monday, October 15, 2007  
Ole Miss fans are whiners....

Alabama 27 Ole Miss 24

Dear Ole Miss fans,
If you had kept us from scoring 10 points in the 4th quarter, you would've won the game anyway. So shut up.

Anyway, enough of that. I live in Memphis with 4 billion Ole Miss fans and Ole Miss biased media, etc, and it's just been disgusting. Phone calls saying "well, if it had been the other way, they would've given you guys the play," or "ya'll are just lucky" or "the SEC just wants you guys to win more with your new coach for better ratings." I respond, of course, with "No, it's just that our coaches are actually pretty smart, because they saw the guy go out of bounds, and in the last 2 minutes of ballgames, all plays are reviewed. The refs just needed more time to review it so we called time-out."

This is the 2nd time this year that we were down in the 4th quarter, and we came back to win the ballgame. That's 2 more times than we did in the entire Shula campaign. Impressive.

As for the controversial last call, that's about all you can say about it. We're lucky it was on our sideline. Of course, the play should have never even happened. The official that was in that endzone is a MORON. He's the same one that downed the ball at the 1-yard line on the punt earlier that got reversed, and he's also the one that wasn't watching where the players' feet were on that last play - he kept watching for the ball. Very very bad officiating. He was not doing his job correctly.

The ruling was correct - and I know this thanks to HD TV and DVR. The rule is that after a player - ANY player - steps out of bounds, they cannot be the first to touch the football once it comes back inbounds. Both Lionel Mitchell and Shay Hodge stepped out - the review was over whether or not Hodge touched the ball first, or Mitchell. Had Mitchell touched it first, it's illegal touching and the down would have been replayed from the 40-whatever yard line. Since Hodge touched it first, it's a loss of downs, which means it went over to Alabama. That was the review, not whether he was forced out, or whether it was a completion because Lionel touched it first. It was never in doubt that the catch was illegal on both parties.

So, thanks to the official not doing his job correctly the first time, debris, whiskey bottles, coke bottles, cups, shakers, and just about anything else that fans could throw on the field, were all launched in unison as soon as the play was reversed. Now, why didn't we hear a whole lot about this in the national media? Our cup throwing was ridiculous, yes, but not nearly as bad as what transpired in Oxford. Luckily nobody was hurt, but that's just luck, because it was an ugly incident.

Regardless, we were exposed big-time on several big plays for Ole Miss. A long run by Green-Ellis, and a couple of really long passing plays that were just perfect passes and perfect catches, really showed that we could be in trouble against Tennessee. They're bigger and faster than Ole Miss, but I think Ole Miss has a better receiving group.

Oh well, I still think this is going to be a good week. And seriously, 11:30am kickoff? What the hell is that all about? We couldn't even pull ESPN2?

If you need tickets, make sure you head on over to and check out their Alabama vs Tennessee section, and don't forget that you can get tickets to any Bama game this season by looking at their Alabama home and away section.

And, since it's Tennessee week, we have to introduce the family - thanks to Roll Bama Roll for this one - Lulu and Junior.

Chris Capps got into the game for a few plays because Mike Johnson was struggling so hard with Greg Hardy. Hardy had a field day against our right tackle, no matter who it was. If that kid could play like that every game, Ole Miss might be better than 2-5 right now. To read more about Capps, read here.

Ole Miss will decide today whether or not to send a video to the SEC officiating office to review the controversial play or not. Coach Saban snuck in a quick shot at the Ole Miss fans after the game, while talking about the fans throwing bottles on the field - "I just want our players to represent the university with class. If (Ole Miss fans) want to be classless, that's their business." Sounds good to me.

This is the first time since 1988 that the UT / Bama game won't be broadcast nationally. It is a different feel, as Coach Phil Fulmer said in his post-game comments.

The Birmingham News points out that John Parker Wilson's best game came at the perfect time. That is, of course, not to say that it was a perfect game, by any means, but it was still his best managed game of the year. We've still got to get better in the redzone, and we've got to get better throwing the football. JP missed several wide-open receivers, stared down people too long, and just all around wasn't great, but it was his best game so far, and you could actually see improvement.

The Montgomery Advertiser brought up the "Cardiac Kids" thing again, with this being the 5th straight game that has been down to the wire. Read more here.

We just finished a pretty brutal stretch of games with Arkansas, Georgia, Florida St, Houston, and Ole Miss - which is a pretty tough stretch for any team in the country - but now we get into the meat of the schedule. The last 5 games are going to be ridiculous. Tennessee, LSU, at Mississippi St, Louisiana-Monroe, and at Auburn. Read more here.

The Daily Journal reviews Ole Miss's performance from Saturday. They didn't do very well as far as turnovers and getting the ball in their playmakers' hands.

The play of the day wasn't Terry Grant's touchdown, or any of our other scoring plays. It was a run by Coach Saban - 25 yards down the sideline to grab an official and tell them to review the play that left 7 seconds on the clock and Ole Miss at first and goal from the 4 yard line. Saban grabbed an official, told them to review it, and called timeout to let them to "look at it good." Melick chimes in about it.

Cecil tells it like it is - Alabama and Tennessee should REALLY be playing at a later time. Good crack at the end by saying that, hey, maybe you can go check out U2 or the Rolling Stones at one of the clubs on the Strip after the game. After all, it'd be another strange setting for two legends.

Scarbinsky can't tell where the indisputable evidence is on the replay - but would like for the SEC offices to air it on and on ESPN and LF Sports and CBS next week so everybody can see what the replay officials saw, because he's hurting for Ole Miss today. Of course, it wasn't hard to figure out - because I could see it on LF Sports' broadcast on my TV at home.

The Alabama players headed to the locker room with their helmets still on - basically doing everything they could to not get hit by a flying bottle. They were told to quickly get off the field as whiskey bottles, vodka bottles, and even high heel shoes rained down on the south endzone. There were two Ole Miss students and a juvenile arrested for throwing objects. Read more here.

Comments: Save it. Seriously. I've seen the play at the end of the game a million times. I STILL can't tell if the receiver was forced out or not and I still can't tell who touched the ball first. If you can, you've got better eyesight than anyone else because no one else has been able to tell either. Are you the only person in the country capable of seeing the truth in the play? It's impossible to tell what happened really. Yet a call was made on the play. And when that call was made, the rule applies that there has to be indisputable evidence to overturn. Not judgement calls. Not "I think I saw...". It has to be rock solid on both counts to overturn. Bama won the game. It's over. But to say there is undeniable evidence in order to overturn the call? Please. Let's at least have a little bit of intellectual honesty when discussing the subject. You wanted Bama to win and I wanted Ole Miss to win. I have no idea what happened for sure on that play. And neither do you.
# posted by Blogger Hotty Toddy : 3:10 PM   Ha. Thanks for coming to the blog. I appreciate the readership.

I'll take a pic and show you what I'm seeing. It's obvious. Of course, I'm sure the replay officials had an even better view than I did.

And in order for them to overturn the call, it has to be indisputable. Which means they saw something to overturn it. So questioning the officials for reversing it is ridiculous. The official on that end of the field never even paid attention to him running out of bounds or who touched it first - and it was the same idiot that called the punt down at the one.

Regardless, here's hoping you guys handle Arky this weekend. I'll be rooting for you.

And seriously, stop whining.
# posted by Blogger Memphis Tider : 3:39 PM   I don't think defensive players have their eligibility taken away by going out of bounds. From the rulebook:

"Eligibility Lost by Going Out of Bounds
ARTICLE 4. No eligible offensive receiver who goes out of bounds during a down shall touch a legal forward pass in the field of play or end zones or while airborne until it has been touched by an opponent or official"

Says nothing about defenders being ineligible for going out of bounds.
# posted by Blogger Pete : 4:17 PM   You're right. I actually went back to look at that rule today. Another case of me opening my mouth before I look up a fact. I guess that's what blogs are for though. I'll change my statement. :-)

Thanks for the help!
# posted by Blogger Memphis Tider : 4:21 PM   I don't have any problem with the blog so, "you're welcome". You're a Bama fan, so you're supposed to say the right call was made in this case. If you produce a still shot of our player being the first to touch the ball, I'll shut up. Such a still shot doesn't exist just like indisputable evidence on the play overall doesn't exist. Listen, you won the game. The calls were made and you won. I just take exception to you calling Ole Miss fans whiners because they're dejected over a play that absolutely no one but you and Doyle Jackson seem to be clear on. I don't know what was right or wrong on that play because it's not clear at all. For the most part everyone else, including everyone in the media that I've heard discuss the game, feels the same way. It was an odd play, no one really knows what happened for sure, and Bama won. It's as simple as that for me.

And complaining about the punt downed at the one is silly considering those same refs missed a blatant fumble by Bama just before halftime. And a blatant facemask by Bama in the first quarter. I didn't come here to have a pissing contest over who got screwed more by the refs. Bad calls happen every game. But hearing someone say the call at the end of the game was obvious is somewhat laughable to me. Not only was it NOT obvious, but there's no indisputable proof whatsoever. If you and Doyle Jackson have it, don't hoard it all to yourselves. Let the rest of the world see it.
# posted by Blogger Hotty Toddy : 9:29 AM   Post a Comment

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