Monday, October 29, 2007  
Monday morning quarterbacking...
Days 'til the West becomes a lot clearer than the East: 5

Yeah yeah yeah. Bama moved up 5 spots in each poll and didn't even play a game. I guess it helps that, in our last game, we just demolished a team that beat the #16 team in the country. Not that it matters, of course, because of the many, many, many triangles that have gone on this year. We'll try and name a couple right quick.

  • Georgia beats Bama - Tennessee beats Georgia - Bama beats Tennessee
  • LSU beats Miss St - Kentucky beats LSU - Miss St beats Kentucky
  • Florida beats Tennessee - Tennessee beats Georgia - Georgia beats Florida

    That's just a couple off the top of my head. I'm sure I'll come up with more later.

    If you don't already have your tickets for this weekend, then please, go ahead and click on over to's LSU section and their Alabama section to get your tickets. This game should be absolutely incredible, so make sure you don't miss it.

    Also, make sure that, if you're going to the game, WEAR CRIMSON. The University wants to make this a "Crimson Out" game, where everybody, other than the opposing fans, will have on Crimson. Should be a fun sight to see on television. Spread the word - cause there are far too many Bama fans for us to reach by ourselves. Haha.

    So now...on to the weekend recap and some Bama news...

    I honestly thought that Steve Spurrier was going to pull that miracle out of his rear up on the hill on Saturday night. Fat Phil lives to see another day though - and in remarkable fashion as well. His freshman kicker misses a 43 yarder, which was negated by a false start penalty, and then he drills a 48 yarder to send it into overtime. Then, in overtime, one of the best kickers in the country, Ryan Succop, misses a kick to send it to a 2nd overtime. I guess, if we can find a way to beat LSU, it would be awesome to go out and beat Tennessee a second time in one season.

    Georgia looked like world beaters on Saturday. Tebow had -15 yards rushing? Are you serious? Georgia ate those boys up early and often. It was unlike anything I had seen from a Dawgs team. Of course, next thing you know, they'll go off and get beat by Kentucky or something, making the SEC East even more stupid. Yes, stupid is the right word.

    Mississippi State took care of Kentucky - in Lexington, no less - and got within one victory of bowl eligibility. Andre Woodson looked absolutely putrid. The new upset pick among the sports show hosts down here already is Miss St over Alabama on Nov 10th. We'll see what happens.

    I thought that both Ohio State and Boston College would lose this weekend. Boy was I wrong. Ohio State absolutely crushed Penn State. They actually look like the most legitimate team in the country right now.

    And speaking of legitimate teams - Arizona State and Oregon both handled the Cali teams (Oregon 24-17 over USC, and Ariz St 31-20 over Cal) making this weekend's showdown in Autzen Stadium incredibly important in the national title race. Who knows what could happen out there. How goofy would a West Virginia / Oregon national title game be? I could see a 70-63 game there - unless they go to overtime, where both teams could hit triple digits.

    Vandy won their 5th game in a non-chalant, bullshit manner over Miami (OH). They now have Florida, Kentucky, Tennessee, and Wake Forest - that's 4 chances to get that 6th win. 11 bowl eligible teams in the SEC? You better believe it.

    The pollsters bumped us up a few notches this week - I guess to help the hype for the game this weekend. LSU stayed at #3 in every poll, and we jumped to #17 in the AP, #18 in the Coaches, and #17 in the BCS standings.

    The coaches will tell you that this game is all about the players - but we know the truth. This game is all about the coaches. You can also read more about it here.

    Coach Saban said that focusing was not going to be an issue this week. He did say that coaching at LSU was a special time in his life, but he's coaching at Alabama now, and his job is to get the players here ready to play the best football they can possibly play. Luckily ESPN won't be in town to bother and distract the players. They can focus on LSU this week, unlike the Georgia game.

    After a bye week where the team focused more on executing and becoming a better team, rather than scheming for a certain opponent, the week is here where the players will turn their focus towards LSU.

    LSU, much like Alabama, has a history, this season, of taking games down to the wire. Read more about it here.

    Ryan Perrilloux was allegedly beat up at the Varsity Theatre in Baton Rouge late last Thursday night into Friday morning. He has not filed charges, but there should be an incident report available sometime today. This kid just CANNOT stay out of trouble. Read more here.

    Les Miles' office is in the House that Nick built. Read more about all of the enhancements and upgrades that Coach Saban set in motion and got LSU to build while he was there. It's interesting, to say the least.

    Josh Cooper thinks this may be the game where Les Miles' gambling will catch up with him. He reminds us that even the best gamblers can't stay lucky for too long. There's a reason why casinos are insanely profitable - because nobody wins all the time.

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