Friday, October 26, 2007  
Jeeez, louise.
Days 'til the Western Division showdown: 8

WOOO HOOOO!!! The Foo Fighters are coming to Memphis on Friday, January 25th. Talk about excited. My old lady and I had our first kiss at a Foo Fighters concert back in '04, standing in the mud at Memphis in May. It was awesome.

Anyway, talk about a crazy ass day. Already had more work this morning than I'm used to in an entire day.

But enough about that.

The Virginia Tech / Boston College game last night was the perfect example of why you NEVER EVER EVER EVER run a prevent defense when there's time left on the clock. I can understand if it's the last couple of plays and you don't wanna give up a hail mary, but to do what Virginia Tech did last night was absolutely unbelievable and borderline insane. Don't give a Heisman Trophy candidate time to throw the football. Keep bringin people like you did early in the game. There's a reason why you held them to ZERO POINTS through 95% of the ballgame.

So, the highest LSU will be ranked is #2 next week, but that's ok by me.

We'll continue on with our stretch of blogging with the enemy, Faimon from Pelican State Sports. Today we're both giving our favorite games in the history of the LSU vs Alabama rivalry.

Check out his site for my answers - his favorites are listed below...

I tried to pick games in my lifetime (born in 1973), so that I wasn’t going back to stuff from the fifties and sixties that Bama fans keep reminding me of. All but one of these occurred during my 34 years. And full disclosure here: I grew up in Baton Rouge, but graduated from Louisiana Tech University, so I have some pretty great memories of games in 1997 and 1999, too, but I guess those don’t count.:)

Anyway, here are my five favorite games in the history of the Bama-LSU:

1) 1982: LSU 20-10 Bama
I don’t remember much about this game – I was only 9. But I do remember the euphoria that we felt in Baton Rouge. So much so, that there was a joke going around my elementary school: “Hey did you hear that Bear Bryant beat his wife? Yeah, he went home after the game and asked her what time it was, and she said twenty to ten.”

2) 2001: LSU 35 – 21 Bama
I have some pretty special memories of this game. I was in Alabama for the game, but not in Tuscaloosa. I was in Montgomery, visiting my grandmother. Of course, she insisted on taking us shopping at Maxwell Air Force Base on Saturday afternoon during the game – and I don’t argue with a 82 year-old woman with tattooed eyebrows (she says its easier than continually applying makeup). So I was wondering around the BX when I found a TV above the customer service desk and stood there, watching the game. By then, LSU was up, and it was clear that Rohan Davey was having an immense day (528 yards) and so was Josh Reed (19 receptions, 293 yards). The AF officer who stood next to me for about five minutes was obviously a Tide fan, because when he saw the score, he harrumphed and walked away. This game announced LSU’s return to prominence. Later that year, LSU won the SEC title and then the Sugar Bowl. Sweet.

3) 1997: LSU 27 – 0 Bama
After a full year of having horrible nightmares about the freshman Shaun Alexander going for 290+ yards in Tiger Stadium, this shutout win in Tuscaloosa was sweet relief. This was the LSU of Herb Tyler and Kevin Faulk and Rondell Mealey. This was the smash-mouth football that the Memphis Tider loves so (link: – (51 rushes, 265 yards). Though this wasn’t the biggest win of the year (that came October 11th), it was good early sign about this LSU team, which ended 9-3.

4) 2003: LSU 27 – 3 Bama
Every game from this year I remember with special fondness. This game was late in the year, mid-November, and LSU was expected to win against a Bama team under first year coach Mike Shula, and LSU just took care of business every way they could. They dominated in every facet of the game, just a great win all around.

5) 1895 – LSU 12 – 6 Bama
Ok, so who really cares about this game? But it gave LSU a 1-0 record against Bama.

Coach Saban isn't sure if this was the best time for a bye week. Time will definitely tell, but I think it's better to get everyone rested and fired up before playing such a good opponent. You can read more about what the players are doing with their few days off here.

Josh Cooper, from the Decatur Daily, looks at what the Tide needs to do during the bye week and the week leading up to the game in order to help their chances against LSU.

LSU's receivers have had a bad case of the drops in the past few games. Lets hope this continues. One would only imagine what meeting a linebacker on a crossing pattern across the middle would do to their confidence. Byrd and LaFell are both having troubles.

LSU is dead last in the SEC in red-zone defense. Opponents are 19 of 19 with 14 touchdowns and 5 field goals. Read more about their recent defensive troubles here.

The 5 players in the text-book debacle, could be cleared to play in the LSU game. If the "extra benefit" was over $100, then they would be required to serve an NCAA mandated suspension of 10% of the season, which is 1.2 games. So they may have to miss part of the first quarter. Either way, there could be more suspensions forthcoming, but we'll have to wait until next week to find out.

Well, DJ Hall didn't even win SEC offensive player of the week, but AT&T deemed him fit to win their All-America Player of the Week last week. Granted, it is voted on by fans, but to even be nominated is more than any other SEC player this week. His 54% of the vote beat out Oregon running back Jonathan Stewart (24 percent), Tulane running back Matt Forte (12 percent) and UCLA cornerback Alterraun Verner (10 percent).

Want some interesting stats for the game? Alabama is 6-0 when scoring first this year and 0-2 when the opponent scores first. As far as the Western Division standings go, Alabama has held the Western Division lead after 8 weeks into the season on 6 different occassions. We have gone to Atlanta 4 times out of those 6, but the last 2 we did not. Here's hoping something changes.

Comments: Your old lady? How old is she? I have an old girlfriend too. Not an ex girlfriend mind you. She's 68.
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