Tuesday, October 16, 2007  
I'm feelin this
Jeeez Louise. My digital camera is shittty. And it doesn't help that I recorded my dvd at a lower quality on Saturday, but I swear I'll get a better picture than this one - thanks to Pete Holiday at the AOL Fanhouse for it.

So, there you have it. I don't want any more phone calls from my Ole Miss friends telling me that we're cheaters, etc. The play is what it is. Go beat Arkansas and then we'll talk.

I'll post the link to Pete Holiday's article again, which explains that Ole Miss got robbed at the end of the first half when Glen Coffee fumbled, but the play was ruled down, so they couldn't review it. They did NOT, however, get robbed on the last play of the game.

Andrew Bone, TideSports.com recruiting guru, has an article up about Alabama trying to win the border battles with several recruits.

Chris Walsh takes a look at how much better Bama has been in the redzone this year.

One kid that I really want Rashad Johnson or Zeke Knight to get a pretty good hit on is Austin Rogers. There's just something about the kid that I don't like. Either way, check out this article about him.

Rogers Redding, the SEC coordinator of officiating, said that he has looked at the play several times and that the correct call was made and that there's no way that you can look at it any differently. Of course, Pete Boone and Ed Orgeron didn't want to hear that, and they're still claiming that a mistake was made and that they were robbed of a football game. You can read about all of that here, along with the incident where an Ole Miss fan confronted and started yelling at several of our assistant coaches after the ballgame.

Transcript for the Tennessee game press conference - here.

Baron Huber is actually from right outside of Knoxville. He's got some fun little stories about the rivalry up there where he's from. Read more here.

As bad as we may have looked, and as bad as Tennessee looked early, both teams still only have one loss in the conference, and UA and UT still control their own destiny. How crazy has this season been? Pretty damn crazy.

Comments: I'll leave you alone after this, but those pictures are hilarious. You can't tell anything from that at all. Come with some real evidence or don't bother.
# posted by Blogger Hotty Toddy : 11:58 AM   Like I said. Shitty pics. There will be better ones. Regardless, you can still tell, even there.

Want my real evidence? 27-24.

Thanks for stopping by!
# posted by Blogger Memphis Tider : 1:30 PM   Hotty Toddy, if you will go to the link associated with the pictures, it spells it out. You are being a Rebel fan just as we are Tide fans. You might have been screwed on other calls during the day, but not on the last call. That's football. If we pick apart every marginal call in every game, I have the Tide at 6-0 and I'm sure you have the Rebs better than their record. I was at the game sitting 5 rows up from where that catch was made and all we could tell by the jumbo-tron was that the receiver did run out of bounds on his own; that wasn't even close. I too live in Memphis and we get all the Ole Miss press here and for Pete Boone and Coach O to state they saw nothing, is hilarious.
# posted by Blogger cs : 2:28 PM   Again, there is no indisputable evidence and the SEC has even refused to turn over their video of the game. For some reason, tider, you think I'm somehow assaulting Alabama as evidenced by your "want my real evidence" comment. I'm not. I took my best friend, a Bama fan, to that game and while I was disappointed for me, I was happy for him. I'm not disputing your win as I have no idea what would have happened on the next play. You won the game.

Let me put it this way: If the original call on the field had been the opposite and the player would've been ruled an illegal receiver, I still would think that you can't overturn it based on the evidence. I'm expecting a poor season for Ole Miss. I've BEEN expecting it. A win over Bama still isn't going to make us bowl eligible which is all that matters. I'm not arguing that we should have won the game because we could've screwed the next play totally up like we're prone to do. I'm simply saying there isn't enough evidence to overturn the call as basically every non-invested fan and sports writer has said since the game ended. It's nothing against Bama. I just think the replay official did a poor job on that play and we probably should've been given a chance to blow the game on the next play like we usually do.
# posted by Blogger Hotty Toddy : 9:31 AM   Post a Comment

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