Tuesday, October 30, 2007  
Do I smell corndogs?
Days 'til we continue establishing an identity: 4

We continue blogging with the enemy today. Remember to go on over to Pelican State Sports to check out who I told them about.

2 players that you may not heard of to watch out for:

I guess I can’t say Ryan Perrilloux and Derrick Odom.

Offense: Terrance Toliver, Wide Receiver. Lost a little in all the hype of Early Doucet’s return, Demetrius Byrd’s last-second heroics, Brandon LaFell’s drops, is the steady emergence of Tolliver as a bona fide deep threat. The 6’5”, 190 lb true freshman was the number one wide receiver recruit in the nation last year (how about that – he’s not one of Saban’s players). It has taken him a little while to get onto the field, but has had a chance and has shown great speed and good hands. He is averaging 19.8 yards per catch, second on the team, and had two long catches called back for penalties.

Defense: You’ve heard all the defense names before – Dorsey, Jackson, Steltz, Highsmith. Unheralded, but perhaps just as important, Darry Beckwith is a rock at middle linebacker. Only 6’1” but 230 lbs, he is a guy who is more than willing to fill the hole on runs up the middle. He has good closing speed, plays sideline to sideline and will hit like a ton of bricks. He is the kind of player who doesn’t miss tackles, because when he gets his hands on the runner, he keeps his legs driving through a tackle. Last year, he finished the year as LSU’s second leading tackler despite playing only 7 plays against Bama and missing the Ole Miss game.

Well, here we go. If you wanted the official police report on Perrilloux's incident, here ya go. Just a warning, it's a pdf file.

Apparently, the next LSU head coach, should Miles bolt to Michigan at the end of the season, could be Tommy Tuberville. Read MSNBC.com's article about it.

Coach Saban's weekly press conference transcription is located here. I found it interesting that he said that there's no real advantage to having coached a lot of those players before - of course, that could just be coach speak.

Ian Rapoport reminds us that emotions will be high, but probably not until after the game. Coach Saban does still care about the players he recruited to play at LSU, so he will, of course, want to see how they're doing and everything, but he is completely, 110% focused on winning the football game. We'll worry about the other stuff later because, as you know, he doesn't have time for that shit.

Les Miles is doing the same thing that Coach Saban is doing - downplaying the hoopla about the coaches and simply stating that the game is about the players. This game isn't anything more than a game for the lead in the SEC Western Division. Read more here.

Glenn Dorsey returned to practice on Monday, and, although he didn't do some of the drills, is feeling much better this week. He didn't say whether he'll be ready by Saturday, but he said it "feels good right now." Read more here.

Trying to sustain momentum through a bye week is a big "no no" because players will get sick of doing the same thing over and over. So they worked on fundamentals and on things they'll see from other teams later in the year, rather than focusing on LSU last week. That way they can be fresh this week and ready to attack by Saturday. Read more about Coach Saban's approach to the bye week.

Alabama is 8-2 in their last 10 games following a bye week, including a 7 game winning streak. Of course, Coach Saban is only 8-8, but that includes time spent at Michigan State and the Miami Dolphins. Read more interesting stats for the game here.

Alabama is not blowing this game up as big as everyone else is. To the team, it's just another Saturday, and another opportunity to not only get better, but to establish an identity - the same identity Coach Saban talked about in his initial press conference: being the team that everybody hates playing.

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