Tuesday, October 09, 2007  
2nd day in...
into a 4 day week. Badabing badaboom, my friends. I'm off work on Friday, and I'll spend that day watching Alabama game replays from the past few weeks. I went back last night and watched Alabama vs Florida State. I can't remember the last time the offense just flat out LOST a game, but they did in that one.

I'm back to posting links today. I got my opinions of the weekend out yesterday. I'm still trying to decide if I want to go to Oxford on Saturday. It's an early kickoff, and I've got a big party to go to on Friday night, and then another on Saturday night. Band duty calls, but this is the closest the Tide will come to Memphis this year, other than a possible berth in the Liberty Bowl.

Regardless of what we feel, and regardless of what the media keeps saying - regardless of the steady criticism that this team has taken since Saturday - Coach Saban started his press conference by saying that, after watching film, he's confirmed that we won the game on Saturday. Final Score was 30-24, and we had the higher score. Read more here.

Coach Saban's press conference was critical of the team, but he also praised them for working hard and did his best to get a lot of the critics of the team to be realistic and stop bashing them when they don't play as well as we "expected." Read the transcript here.

John Parker Wilson's performance looked pitiful, but Coach is telling us that maybe it's not nearly as bad as we would assume. Sounds like he's just trying to protect his qb from the media. Read more here.

The Clarion Ledger goes into detail about the defensive improvement that Ole Miss had against La Tech on Saturday. They may have gotten some fumbles and not given up any points, but the Bulldogs moved the ball up and down the field on them - the tune of 350+ yards, including 150 on the ground. Read more here.

Prince Hall grasped the Houston offense a little better than Rolando McClain, so Hall got the start and made the most of it with 8 tackles and a number of quarterback hurries and open field tackles. He'll get more playing time as we go because he's improving. Read more here.

Wallace Gilberry had the game of his life on Saturday with 11 tackles, including 2 sacks and 4.5 tackles for loss. The SEC rewarded him accordingly by naming him the SEC defensive player of the week.

The guess on Monday morning was that Coach Saban didn't go home before early morning film study. He looked exhausted and he wasn't wearing socks under his dress shoes, etc. Read more here.

The Clarion Ledger gives us the most basic preview in the history of previews - here.

The Sporting News has even grabbed onto our late-game lapses. They go through our big starts and our slow finishes. Not good for national media to catch on to this.

Comments: Reading the comments Saban made after the game I have to wonder have the people that have unrealistic expectations already have Saban looking for a way out. He really sounds fustrated with people bashing the team especially after a win. I agree a win is a win but when it comes that way there will be critisism I just hope that people will realize that this is not 1960 and every team out there has talent, talent that can show up at any time and beat you. Please be patient with Saban and tell your friends to as well if you want him to stay.
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