Thursday, September 13, 2007  
We've got one day 'til the weekend...
I can't stress it enough. If you don't have your tickets yet for the Alabama Arkansas game, go to's Alabama vs Arkansas ticket section and see what you can get. You do NOT want to miss this game.

Not that he really needed to, but Coach Saban reminds us that you don't need a heisman contender to be successful.

Another thing that I'm sure you already knew - it appears that Chris Lett will not practice or play for the entire year, or until his condition improves dramatically.

They're using Jonathan Lowe as a mock of McFadden. They've even put him in the #5 jersey. They're gearing up for the "wild-hog" formation that they've made so popular over there - using Kyle Pennington and Lowe to copy McFadden's role in the offense.

Darren McFadden's the big name in college football, but I'll be damned if Felix Jones isn't just as good as his counterpart. Jones is also an All-SEC back, and would probably start anywhere else in the conference. Read more about him here.

Terry Grant listens to music prior to the game to get himself in the right mindset to run over people. You would expect hard rap music or angry metal music - but he listens to R. Kelly and Ginuwine ballads. Slow music to get him in the right mindset. Seem a little strange? Haha. Read more here.

You've gotta wonder what Leigh Tiffin's mindset is going into this game. Is he ready to exorcise his demons and breakthrough during this game, or is he nervous and scared about the same things happening again? Read more about the stress test here.

DJ Hall expects John Parker Wilson to have a huge game on Saturday. He says that this week he's looked a lot more focuses, and a lot more comfortable in the pocket. He's ready for people to stop talking about that bad game. Read more here. Also, look for DJ Hall to break the all-time receiving yards record at Alabama on Saturday night. He's only 34 yards away.

Cecil Hurt lets us know that Arkansas will try and trick their way to a victory on Saturday night, so be ready for some real odd-ball stuff.

There is, of course, the possibility that John Parker Wilson was still a bit groggy for the 11:30 kickoff last Saturday. That could, of course, be the reason why he was "a little off" on his passes. He seems to believe there's nothing major that's wrong - he just needs to keep improving. Read more here. chimes in with a big story about how high the stakes are when Alabama and Arkansas play each year.

Looks like we'll be all clear on Saturday night. They expect the remnants from the tropical storm to be long gone by gametime. Check out Tuscaloosa's weather.

Colin Cowherd has picked Alabama to upset LSU this year. It's one of his 6 "best bets." Who woulda thought the Bama basher would ever have something decent to say about Alabama?

Why on earth is Jackie Sherrill still talking? Apparently Tubberville said that State's program was out of control and that it would take at least 10 years to fix the mess that was down there. He was trying to come to Sylvester Croom's defense, but he ended up bashing Jackie Sherrill in the process. Sherrill calls him out in Ray Melick's latest column.

Stewart Mandel goes through the odds on whether USC, LSU, and Oklahoma can all go undefeated. Seem odd that this looks exactly like 2003? Anyway, read more about it here. LSU has a 40% shot - compared to USC's 80% and Oklahoma's 60%.

Also, check this kid out. 15 years old, rollin through some kicks. Saban better start early with this one. Haha.


Comments: My son just turned 16, is a Soph, and has not played ball before. He loves soccer. Recently he attended a kicking camp while I was in India. When they told me he was kicking 50 yard field goal, I thought they were exagerating. But then I saw him do it with 5-10 yards to spare. Back in 83-84 I held for Van Tiffin for a while before I was hurt so I think I have some objective valuation. He had good height and distance, though he needs to work on consistency. I showed him this video for encouragement, and I'm interested to see what he will do.
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