Friday, September 14, 2007  
The weekend is upon us...
Finally, the weekend is here. I won my first bet last night. I took West Virginia (-16.5). Talk about nuts. I'm really glad I didn't pick the over, although I was tempted. I've got several games that I like this weekend. I'll probably post them later on.

Ron Higgins, from the Commercial Appeal in Memphis, and now, has a great write-up about Leigh Tiffin and how, if there's any justice in this world, he'll get a chance to redeem himself against Arkansas this year.

We all know how important this game is, historically, to our season. goes indepth to take a look at exactly why this game is so important. has a preview of McFadden's heisman trail blazing through Alabama this weekend. Check it out here.

Didn't even think about this one...Alabama has lost its past 7 appearances on ESPN. Let's go back and see which games were involved - 2006 against LSU, 2004 against LSU, 2003 against Hawaii, 2003 against Auburn, 2003 against LSU, 2001 against LSU, etc. Which, of course, means that's not right, because we beat Tennessee and LSU in 2002 on ESPN. What other games were on ESPN that I'm missing?

With all the crap going on about the Patriots spying on teams, Saban came out and defended the team saying that, when he was with the Browns, EVERYBODY would film him and his defensive signals. Kinda funny to hear.

Coach Saban has stressed it in practice this week - we need more explosive plays. I'm sure he'll probably get them, as I'm sure the playbook will be opened just a touch more - but not too much - to allow bigger plays.

For everyone that was worried about playing so many teams with open dates - fear not. History has proven that it's not beneficial at all. Teams coming off an open week into league play have an 18-22 record. Sounds like Bama might be ok.

Comments: Oklahoma and UCLA should be on that list of games we lost on ESPN...
# posted by Blogger Charlie : 11:16 AM   UGA '03?
# posted by Blogger ty webb : 12:37 PM   Does this count ESPN2 too? Because I don't remember which was on which, but I know these wins were on a ESPN channel:

So Miss in '05 on ESPN (The Catch game). Ole Miss and Miss. St. (Croom's first game vs Bama) in 04. South Florida in 03 (Shula's first game). Along with UT and LSU in 02, we beat Arkansas, and then Hawaii to end the year on ESPN.
# posted by Blogger TD2Kool : 12:53 PM   That's what I don't get. That stat said we'd lost the last 7 on ESPN...but I thought that we'd won more since then.

I may be wrong. I think UGA in '03 was on CBS.

So let's try it again. Oklahoma St last year. LSU last year. Music City Bowl in '04 against Minnesota. That's what we were missing - the bowl games. Then the others that I brought up.

Which would mean, of course, that it doesn't include the ESPN2 games.
# posted by Blogger Memphis Tider : 1:51 PM   Post a Comment

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