Wednesday, September 26, 2007  
Too little sleep....
Don't forget guys - if you're debating going to the game in Jacksonville this weekend, make sure you've got your tickets. Check out's Alabama section for tickets to any game, home or away.

I went to see Bury Your Dead last night at a new place called the Dregs. I used to be big into the hardcore scene...but now I just don't understand it. Buncha kids getting into fights, and punching air and all that. Really strange. I like some metal, but I'll stick to my beer drinkin rock n roll, thankya very much.

19 of LSU's 24 starters were signed by Coach Saban. That's pretty damn incredible. Read here.

The Clanton Advertiser makes it simple: Think before you act.

We can get excited about the fact that Hayes won't be starting at MLB for Fla St on Saturday, or we can face the facts that, even without a start, he'll still get significant playing time. Bowden left the door open for him to still get minutes.

You want depth? We'll get some depth - maybe as soon as this weekend. Brian Motley was back at practice yesterday, and was not wearing a "no-contact" jersey. McCullough and Chapman were both in scout team garb, and Motley was running with the big dogs. Of course, Coach Saban said Motley wouldn't be back in football-shape until after this weekend, but we'll see what happens.

They're not sure, but this could be the first time ever that both Alabama and Auburn travel to the state of Florida in the same weekend. Both teams are going to face tough competition, but Auburn looks to have the bigger challenge, playing in the Swamp.

Coach Steele says that leaving Florida State was the hardest thing he's ever had to do. Read more about it here.

Ray Melick throws in his 2 cents worth on Alabama fans staying "classy." I agree with everything, but I am really sick of hearing about all of this. Read his article here.

Turns out, figuring out exactly what's wrong with John Parker Wilson isn't quite so easy. There are a ton of things he's doing wrong, and it's tough to just point to one thing and say "There. That's what needs to be fixed." Coach Saban said JP needs to just settle down and take what the defense gives him. Which is, of course, easier said than done. Read more here.

By now you all know that the Houston/Bama game on Oct. 6th will be a pay-per-view broadcast at 2pm. There are a ton of big games that day, so it's not surprising that we didn't get picked up for a broadcast. Read the specifics here.

Comments: i love bury your dead. how is the new singer? but yeah i used to be really big into the hardcore scene as well. i still love it alot and i like the punk influnenced hardcore more now. but singer/songwriter and pop rock have been on my playlists latley.

roll tide
# posted by Blogger Josh : 3:42 PM   roll tide to you as well. the new singer's alright. he wasn't as good as the last guy though.

i dig old school hardcore more than byd. stuff like sick of it all or madball.

of course, i play in a band that sounds like a mix between nickelback and sevendust, so how's that for variance? haha.
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