Wednesday, September 19, 2007  
It's friggin humpday - YAY!
Y'know, I've been thinking about this whole AP and Coaches Poll ordeal, where we jumped about 11 spots after a home victory over #16 Arkansas. Does it seem a little obvious that the voters wanted to put us in the top 25, but felt they couldn't without some form of validation?

And it didn't take long for the national media to hop on the Alabama bandwagon. Within 9 months of Saban being hired, we've already had the cover of Sports Illustrated, and now we're getting ESPN Gameday on campus for the first of likely two trips down there this year (the other being, of course, LSU). Just seems that everyone may be hopping on the bandwagon a little quickly. The defense looked atrocious in the loss on Saturday - but that's the thing. We were still able to win, even with a bad defense because the players "knew" they were going to win. It's all a mindset. What a difference 9 months will make.

USC's 300+ yards rushing over Nebraska wasn't done by trick plays and a bunch bull crap. You wanna see how dominant USC's line is? Look at the pictures below.

So is there any wonder why everybody considers them the best team in football right now? I mean, jeez. Thanks to for the pics.

Ivan Matchett had a helluva time at the game the other night, and he talked to Andrew Bone about it. I don't know if anybody else caught this...but read this part of the statement and tell me what you think - "All the in-state commitments were there except for Destin [Hood]. I talked to guys like Burton Scott, Julio Jones, William Green and Tyler Love. Tyler and I are real cool with each other." Did that sound like he's already committed, or am I just losing it?

Tom Lemming says it's not a matter of if, but WHEN Nick Saban will win a national title at Alabama. They spoke with Georgia coach Mark Richt about the impact it's already making on recruiting. Read more here.

Thanks to for pointing this one out. The world's largest dingleberry.

I knew that we didn't play Georgia very often, but I didn't know that this will only be the 13th time since 1965. That's 13 times in 42 years. Geez. And we're in the same conference? Unbelievable. Read more about how historical this game is here.

The defense understands what it takes to win ballgames, and after such a physical game as Saturday's was, they need as much time as possible to recoup. Of course, they also understand that it's the mental side that is the most important - knowing that you'll be ready, whether you're tired or not. Read more about their preparations for the Georgia game here.

Read quotes from Georgia's weekly press conference here. Some pretty decent stuff in there about what they think about our team.

The team's film session on Monday morning lasted about an hour and a half before class saved them from hearing more from the coaching staff. They may have won the game, but Coach Saban almost made them believe that they lost the game. The defense had some HUGE breakdowns, but they still found a way. Read more here.

Saban is going to bring quite a few blitzes, leaving the corners in man-coverage this weekend against a team that's pretty well known for throwing the football. Good thing we've got a pretty good secondary. Read more about it here. The last time Georgia played a Nick Saban coached team was 2004 when they beat LSU 45-16, thanks to David Greene's 5 touchdown passes. I don't think Stafford's as good as David Greene, but we'll see what happens.

There are conflicting reports on whether the Gameday crew will be on the Quad or somewhere else this year. Personally, I think the only place I could really see it being is on the lawn in front of the stadium. That would be perfect, especially since we've lost the last few times they've been on the Quad. We should hear an announcement on it today at some point. Read more here.

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