Wednesday, September 12, 2007  
I can't begin to tell you... much I want to be asleep in the bed this morning. It's 65 degrees outside, a little bit sunny. There's a crisp in the air and dew on the ground. It is officially football season. And I'm at work.

The Arkansas Razorback Sports Network has a story about how this is a make-or-break game for both Alabama and Arkansas. This game almost always gives us a look into the future - whether we'll be good or lackluster.

Last year's 2-OT loss at Arkansas still stings, and a lot of the players are ready for payback. Read more here.

Mark Edwards at the Decatur Daily points out that Coach Saban's team has done what it's supposed to: handle teams easily that should be handled easily. That's the biggest difference between Shula's teams and Saban's - they do what they're supposed to without much drama. The big dramatic endings will be saved for the big games. And that's it. Saturday night we'll see what else is in store for the Tide.

John Parker Wilson doesn't think that the offense was that bad last week. They did what they were supposed to do - throw just enough passes to keep the defense on their heels and then pound the football right up the middle. breaks down Wilson's passing day and gives us an insight as to exactly what happened with the incompletions.

Coach Saban says that the passing game got away from what they're good at - throwing over the middle. All of the passes Saturday were either deep passes, or sideline grabs near the line of scrimmage. Nothing across the middle to make the defense defend in there so the running backs could get outside.

Eli Gold talks to the Jasper Daily Mountain Eagle about how much fun he's having watching Saban's team. He tells us it's like when Bear was there, and he also compares this team and the excitement to the 1993 team where everybody was thrilled about them.

The story of Terry Grant - found here. The players knew he was going to be good - just didn't know it would be this good. Remember, he's 8th in the country in rushing, and 1st in the SEC, and he didn't even play in the 2nd half against Western Carolina. The kid's got 307 yards and 5 touchdowns in 6 quarters of play. Jeez.

Arkansas is going to key-in on Grant this Saturday. Lucky for us, we haven't even opened our passing playbook yet. If you see the rinky dink routes we've been running - well, there ya go. Haha. Either way, who woulda thought that the leading rusher in the SEC going into this game wouldn't be on the other sideline. Kinda fun to talk about.

The defense is gearing up. They're ready to take on McFadden and Jones. "I'm trying to destroy (McFadden)," Gilberry said. "Not trying to be brutal, but that is my mind set." That's definitely good to hear.

Arkansas is, of course, adding new schemes to the offense this week in preparation for the Alabama game. David Lee says he won't give anything away, but they have some new passing schemes to throw us off. I honestly don't buy it, because even if they did have passing schemes, it's not like Dick could make the throws. :-)

Finebaum's latest column is all about how the Auburn fans' worst nightmare has come true. Alabama is off to a roaring start, and Auburn is 1-1 out of the gate with a home loss to South Florida, thanks to 5 Auburn turnovers and the Riverboat Gambler's conservatism at the end of the game to force overtime rather than try and win in regulation. Either way, Auburn is helping Alabama look VERY good right now, even though they haven't really done anything.

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