Sunday, September 02, 2007  
After the rout...


Great way to start off the season. I guess we'll use today for me to point out a few things I noticed from the day that was college football.

  • UAB looked God-awful yesterday. So much for having some of those big boys in the trenches. They got steam rolled by a Michigan State team that really shouldn't be that physical.

  • Va Tech will likely get killed when they go to Baton Rouge next week. They looked pitiful yesterday - and that was at home against East Carolina in the biggest game they've had there in a while.

  • Florida racked up 49 points and over 400+ yards of offense...and they called the game with over 8 minutes left. Gotta feel bad for Western Kentucky. Tebow still doesn't look like an SEC qb to me. He made a lot of throws short and not accurate...but Western Kentucky was so bad that they didn't make plays on the football.

  • Appalachian State pulled off the biggest shocker maybe in the history of college football by winning at Michigan yesterday. I really wish it had been on regular tv, because I don't get the big 10 network. I'm sure I'll be able to download it online somewhere soon. Helluva way to finish a game.

  • Notre Dame looks like they're in some serious trouble. 33-3 at home against Georgia Tech? And Tech had a new quarterback too? Jeez.

  • Boston College beat Wake Forest. They threw the football 52 times. C'mon man. This ain't ping pong.

  • I figured Nevada would put up more of a fight against a Nebraska team that I still don't think is all that talented. I guess they were happy with just getting their paycheck and accepting the whoopin.

  • Missouri should have killed Illinois. Especially after being up 37-13 midway through the 3rd quarter? Pinkel may be looking for a job after this year.

  • The big pick as far as betting goes was to take Western Michigan +24 at West Virginia. Everyone that Western Mich's defense would do a fair job on them. The over/under was actually set at 59. West Virginia scored 62 by themselves. Oh well for that one. Speed kills.

  • Ole Miss survived at Memphis, thanks to Memphis giving a buncha turnovers, missing a field goal, and not converting a last second 2-point conversion. Seth Adams looked like he can pick apart a defense...or at least a middle-of-the-road C-USA defense.

  • Houston can score points. But they're definitely not very talented. I still think they'll probably win C-USA because Southern will do something to lose it. Either way, they got beat 48-27 by Oregon yesterday.

  • Everyone seemed to think that Mike Stoops was going to turn Arizona around this year, and that BYU was ONLY John Beck last season. I beg to differ. I think you could put any decent quarterback in Bronco Mendenhall's offense and he would flourish. BYU has a great team, and they could compete for a BCS bowl this year. You heard it here first.

  • The sexy upset pick of the week was Oklahoma State over Georgia. You idiots all knew better than that. Remember what happened to Boise State down there a few years ago? Yeah. Georgia plays their best football on opening night. I promise.

  • Oklahoma made North Texas look stupid. They had 70 points with time left in the 3rd quarter.

  • Arkansas State definitely made Texas look beatable. Not sure what's up with that, but only winning 21-13 at home against the Indians could be a sign of bad things to come.

  • Auburn scored a touchdown with 2 minutes left to take a 16-13 lead over Kansas State. They ended up scoring another touchdown on a K-State miscue. 23-13 was actually a lot closer than the score indicates. Tommy Tubbs could have trouble coming his way next Saturday when South Florida rolls into town.

  • California absolutely lit Tennessee up. And it was fun to watch. What I don't understand, though, is how on earth anybody can say that the PAC-10 was showing the SEC what real football is all about. I mean, seriously, why not go ahead and let Florida or LSU go out there and play somebody like...oh...Oregon, or Arizona State. Whoever is picked to finish around 6th or 7th in their league. Then we'll see what it's all about. Until we get something a little more fair to judge, then we'll worry about it. All Cal showed last year was that they weren't ready for primetime. All Tennessee showed this year was that it might be Fat Phil's last year.

    And if you didn't see the punt return where Jackson made UT look like they had never been on a football field - check it out:

    On with the Alabama game. Terry Grant looked absolutely unbelievable. When they talked about him being a homerun threat, I didn't know what to think because we haven't had one in so long, but that first run from scrimmage (that resulted in a 47-yard touchdown) was so quick that I didn't even know what happened. The kid is just plain FAST. I said it once today already, I believe - speed kills. We have a TON of speed on offense this year.

    SEC teams are licking their chops looking at our defense. We gave up some pretty hefty yardage to a very weak football team, but I think the majority of it was when we were getting playing time for the younger kids. Of course, everyone on the defense is considered "a younder kid" so I guess that doesn't matter. McClain looked great. McCullough looked great too. I never saw Chapman, but I'm sure he got into the game.

    Again, the running game looks unbelievable. It's incredible how much talent we had back there, and Shula never put in ANY of them, even when Darby was at his worst. Makes me wonder some of the coaching decisions there as well.

    The return game is going to be a blast this year. Arenas and Lowe are both incredibly capable kick-returners, and could break one at any time. I'd love to see one go for 6 against Tennessee or Auburn.

    Another point that I don't know if anyone has brought up is the physical condition of the team. Almost all of the players look like they've been chiseled out of stone. Their muscles were all poking out and everything. It was nuts. They look mean.

    And speaking of looking mean, one of my buddies was over watching the game and told me that they all looked like they were trying to kill the other team. He's not a big football guy and he thought maybe this was a huge rivalry because of how hard the defense was hitting. I said "nah, that's just a Saban signature." Can you imagine how great it's gonna be when we actually get teams in here that we don't like? Oh well...more tomorrow.

    Remember - VANDY NEXT WEEK!

    Comments: I loved how they said that Cal had speed and their freshman returner ran a 10.31 100 meters last year and that he's a football player not a track athlete. First off, he didn't out run anyone. The Tenn guys over pursuded him and he just jumped back out of the way. That's not speed, that's body control. And second, when you are running on the track you're not weighted down with shoulder pads, helmet, cleats, etc. You're in a starting block running in a straight line. I hate UT but those commentators are idiots.
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