Tuesday, September 18, 2007  
4 days 'til Gameday.
I will be in Tuscaloosa ALL DAY on Saturday, so if you're bored and wanna hang out - spot me an e-mail and we'll swap numbers. It'll be good to meet some of you. We'll be out there during Gameday, and then we'll go back to our tailgating spot, wherever that may be, and fire up the grill. I'm bringing one of my friends that's a Bama fan who has never been to a game, so hopefully he'll come away with good feelings about it.

Also, I don't have tickets for the game - so if you've got some cheapies, lemme know, cause I can't afford shit. Hahaha.

If you thought it was going to be a complete turning of the Tide, you may be completely wrong - the basketball season suddenly looks dreary. Ronald Steele has consulted with Coach Gottfried and will opt to take a medical redshirt this season.

If you've been nervous about us kicking field goals this year - next year looks to be quite a bit better. Corey Smith, a commitment from West Virginia, booted a 59-yard field goal last weekend to help his team to a victory.

Florida State's offense isn't exactly impressing Jimbo Fisher. In fact, he called it ridiculous. Bobby Bowden said that if they don't get things turned around over the bye week, "we'll get killed."

Coach Saban's press conference yesterday was about as expected - we're over the Arkansas game, and now it's time for Georgia.

Antoine Caldwell said that they amended the 24-hour rule to a 36 hour rule...until everybody started talking about Georgia, and it quickly went back to 24 hours.

They won't announce the game time or TV network for the Bama - Fla St game until this Sunday. They're also considering Auburn at Florida, for some reason. Haha.

Coach Saban and Coach Richt talked quite a bit about coaches stealing signals, and the ethics of competition on the field, etc. Very good read. Check it out here.

The Athens Banner-Herald talks about how Saban's impact isn't limited to just the field. It talks about how difficult it will be to get players out of the state of Alabama now, along with how different the landscape is in Tuscaloosa now as compared to previous years.

Caddell has transformed from a receiver who doesn't receive, to a bona fide superstar in Tuscaloosa after his 9 catch performance that included the game winning touchdown. Read more about it here, here, and here.

It's absolutely great to hear Coach Saban talking about teaching kids how to do things. Rather than focus on the negative that's happened, like a wide open receiver not catching the football, you have to focus on what happened to where they didn't catch it - was their hand placement wrong, did they not watch the ball, etc. If you just yell "CATCH THE FOOTBALL" that's not going to fix anything. You have to teach. This coaching staff is so different from last year's it's unbelievable. Read more here.

Chris Walsh's weekly First-and-10 is up. Go check it out here

Darren Mustin suffered a neck injury while making a tackle on McFadden Saturday night. But what hurt the most was not being able to go back in during the 2nd half. The medical staff took his pads and helmet so he wouldn't try to go back in. Read more here.

CBS Sportsline actually has a little piece about the Tide's game with Georgia this weekend, which should be quite entertaining. Wallace Gilberry said that after Saturday's game, he'll know Matt Stafford's phone number, middle name, home address, etc. Cause he'll have to know where to send the flowers. Haha. And then he responsed that he was only playing because he "don't trash talk." HAHAHA.

Mr. Finebaum goes into detail about Tommy Tubberville's $6M buyout, saying that it might not be enough to keep him around if the season gets any worse. Read the article here.

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