Tuesday, August 07, 2007  
Tuesday. Seriously?
Are you serious? Van Halen looks like they'll be touring this fall with original vocalist David Lee Roth. I'm a Hagar fan, but I guess I'd still go see this in hopes that I can watch Eddie smash a guitar over that psycho's head.

Days 'til Season Kickoff: 25

...and it can't get here soon enough.

Mr. Finebaum proceeds to trash talk the new Alabama media guide, which is fine by me. He's concerned about how the A-Day game got 7 pages, and the combination of Bear Bryant and Gene Stallings only got 4...but I remember hearing crap all the time about how Alabama needed to "move on." Auburn fans, etc, will tell you all the time: "THE BEAR'S DEAD. GET OVER IT." Well, we're moving on. But in the process we're being trash talked by the media all over again. It's a lose-lose situation. Keep 8 or 9 pages about Bryant and Stallings and only 2 about the most recent A-Day game, and we'll be criticized for living in the past again. Now exactly how does that work?

Coach Saban confirmed that Demetrius Goode recently injured his ACL. I'm not sure if that means he tore it or just sprained it. Either way, it's a 5-9 month healing process, so here's hoping he'll be back in time for next spring.

Darren Mustin was recently rewarded with a scholarship to play football here at the Capstone. Great story, if you ask me. It's nice to see a good kid getting something he deserves every now and then.

I believe I've already talked about it, but Alabama picked up commitment #15 from Mobile receiver Destin Hood. We seem to be picking up quite a few receivers. I have a feeling that Hood's commitment will also bring in quarterback AJ McCarron.

RollTide.com posted a story about yesterday's practice. Coach Saban was quoted as saying "...basically the players learn that the price for success has to be paid up front."

More in-depth about Coach Applewhite.

Jeremy Clark seems to be doing fine with the Eagles. Hopefully he'll make the cut and get some serious playing time this season.

DJ Hall is warning us early: This year's Tide offense is going to be worth the price of admission. He seems really excited about it.

The Montgomery Advertiser goes over all the ticket numbers, the demand for tickets, and the idea of stadium expansion.

Although the temperatures are soaring into the hundreds during the day practices, it's not having a bad effect on the players. It appears that their off-season conditioning program has really helped prepare them for fall practice and, hopefully, the season.

Marquis Maze is the new #4 at Alabama. And he looks exactly like Tyrone Prothro. For example - Maze: 5'9" 167 lbs / Prothro: 5'8" 175 lbs.

Mike Johnson is leading the competition to start at right tackle. Chris Capps has been practicing behind Andre Smith at left tackle, and BJ Stabler has had knee problems. So no more Capps at right tackle. Can I get a hell yeah?

Comments: HELL YEAH! It's sad it took a regime change to get him off outta the starting lineup.
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