Thursday, August 16, 2007  
One more day 'til Friiiiday.
So, I finally got through the Auburn chapter in Clay Travis's Dixieland Delight, and it is absolutely amazing to me how much Auburn fans hate Alabama. Everything they say and/or do revolves around us Bama fans. Kinda humorous, if you ask me.

Days 'til Season Kickoff: 16

Heard something pretty interesting. Apparently the University of Memphis allotted 7,500 tickets to send to Ole Miss for them to sell to their season ticket holders, etc. They've only sold 5,500 so far and are looking to return the rest to Memphis. This game is at the Liberty Bowl, right at an hour from Oxford. They're playing Memphis, a regional rival, and can't even sell 7500 tickets? Are you kidding me? Things aren't looking good for Coach O.

LSU at Mississippi State is exactly 2 weeks away. The line, currently, has LSU as a 17 point favorite.

Alabama completed 2-a-days yesterday. They also had another guest speaker. The guests so far have included Chuck Smith (All-Pro with Atlanta Falcons and Cleveland Browns), Gene Washington (Head of the NFL Players Association), Jeremiah Castille (former UA player and team chaplain), Rogers Redding (SEC Football Officials Coordinator), and even a former mobster telling the kids about the dangers of gambling.

Josh Cooper is putting together his own depth chart, even though Coach Saban said there isn't one. He did like pointing out that another reporter is correct in having recently said that Rolando McClain is looking "bigger and bigger every day." He looks to be a starter on Sept 1st. Cooper also points out that the freshmen defensive linemen are making this group not nearly as "thin" as Coach and everyone else would like for you to believe.

Chris Capps is working his ass off to make sure that he doesn't feel like he did last year. The only way to fix that is to GET BETTER, and that's what he's doing. The coaches are really moving him around to see where he fits best.

Simeon Castille made sure that everyone on the defense took home their playbook to study last night, to make sure that everyone gets better and knows what they're doing. Gilberry said the playbook is thicker than the Bible. "I would say it's like a biology text book," he told reporters.

One of the biggest helps to the team was the off-season karate program, which Saban wanted everyone to do to help out with flexibility, stretching, and discipline. It was especially helpful to senior cornerback Eric Gray, who, until this season, had problems with his hamstring every single year. Wallace Gilberry told reporters that they don't have time to do it anymore, but he wishes they did. "I was goin for that black belt."

Eli Gold was on Phil Paramore's radio show the other day and reminded everyone that "“We are not going to win the national championship this season. It is simply not gonna happen.” He doesn't have a win total in mind, but just wants to see progress, more discipline, and fewer penalties.

Tony Barnhart has released his top 5 games of the year, and Alabama vs LSU is #5.

John Pruett tells the wonderful story of Bubba, an Alabama fan, and Billy Bob, an Auburn fan, getting into an argument in the local bar. It's a wonderful thing now that football season is only a couple of weeks away.

Cecil keeps warning us. This defense is really lacking, so we need to be patient.

Charles Rich, National AOL sports blogger, has figured something out: Coach Saban doesn't like the media. I think Charlie took it personally when Saban had a little rant about how there's no depth chart. I wish these idiots had something better to write about.

Y'know, I still find it hilarious that LSU, who have their eyes set on an SEC and National title this season, are still so worried about little ol' Alabama on Nov. 3rd. I mean, seriously, c'mon guys. We'll be lucky to go 7-5, right? Haha.

Comments: The LS-who people need to quit worrying about BAMA and start worrying about their own team. If they are not careful their own team is going to lose focus and will more than a couple of games.
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