Friday, August 10, 2007  
Mentally tough, my friends...
Days 'til Season Kickoff: 22

We're getting closer. Less than 3 weeks from the first game. LSU is a 17 point favorite in Starkville. If that number goes any lower, I'm putting my money on the Tigers.

The CRIMSON & WHITE ROUNDTABLE is up for this week. The questions are:

1) Where will Alabama be ranked at the end of this recruiting class? What players does Bama need to sign to have a top 5 class?

2) Which conference is the second best in the nation and why?

Make sure you head over to and check it out.

Several things from practice, according to the Decatur Daily:
  • Luther Davis hurt his neck a few days ago and is wearing a no-contact jersey
  • We still don't have an answer as to who is stepping up at the 2nd cornerback position
  • Coach Saban has created an ad-campaign for the complainers: the "poor-me"s. Haha
  • Chapman and McCullough are gonna be hosses on the defensive line

    So far, the most interesting battle in practice is watching Bobby Greenwood against Andre Smith. Andre claims, since he's lost 26 pounds, he runs like a gazelle. A 333 lb gazelle. Haha. Gilberry says it's like watching Ali vs Frasier every day. This could be fun.

    Alabama is still looking for running backs. Cecil chimes in and tells us exactly what's going on with all of them.

    Terry Grant appears to be the front runner to start. DJ Hall says that if you don't catch him at the line, you may as well just stop, cause you can't catch him. But my issue is this: he's only 5'10" 188 lbs. That tells me that we're going to be running a whole lot of spread this season. Cause you can't play power football with a 188 lb running back.

    Zeke Knight, although it seems like he's been here forever, still has two years left. And he's at his 3rd position in 3 years. But he's at his most comfortable: linebacker.

    Coach Saban is bringing in a new philosophy that Alabama hasn't seen before: mental toughness. The players seem to be responding, and it's making them a stronger football team.

    Coach won't let anyone talk about the heat or even use the word "hot" in practice or at the football facility. That's freakin awesome. Haha.

    Jimmy Johns is all smiles about his new position.

    Dennis Pillion, blogger at, talks about how Saban's living up to his word. He said early on that there's "an opponent in this state that we work every day, 365 days a year, to dominate." Well, we haven't even played a game yet, but I think we know what's happening: Saban's recruiting class so far is ranked #9 in the country compared to Auburn's #42. That's domination.

    Stewart Mandel, writer from, lists college football's pecking order - from national powers, to not even state powers. Alabama is listed as a king.

    Started reading a new blog called "Sabanator." Go check it out here. It is freaking hysterical. Haha.

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