Thursday, August 23, 2007  
Just one more day...
Days 'til Season Kickoff: 9

One week until the first day of college football. There are games out the frame on that first Thursday, so we'll have plenty to watch on Gameplan that night.

The latest lines finally came out over at, so I'm reading through what I think will be the sleeper games. This year I'm doing 4 games and a parlay each week on the site, so be ready. Here's what I'm looking at as possibilities for the first week of the season:

LSU at Mississippi State (+17.5)
Kent at Iowa State (-4)
Western Michigan (+24) at West Virginia
East Carolina (+24.5) at Virginia Tech
UAB (+19.5) at Michigan State
UCONN (-5.5) at Duke
Nevada (+19.5) at Nebraska
Iowa at Northern Illinois (+11.5)
Houston (+14.5) at Oregon
Missouri (-5) at Illinois
Arizona at BYU (-6)
Tennessee at Cal (-5.5)
Idaho (+45) at USC
Arkansas State (+39) at Texas
North Texas (+41) at Oklahoma
Troy (+24) at Arkansas

I haven't decided which ones I like the most yet, other than Kent at Iowa State (only 4? seriously?). I'll decide on them by next week. Which ones do you like the most?

Anyway, Ray Melick is trying to stir up a little bit by sayin that Saban's discipline ain't like the Bear's.

Western Carolina's defense looks to be their strong point. I guess that, lucky for us, our offense is our strong point thus far.

The Crimson White goes a lil into detail about our lack of experience at the linebacker position, which isn't necessarily a bad thing.

We've heard it before, but now we figure out everything behind Coach Saban allowing kids to play two sports at the Capstone.

Josh Cooper gives a little bit of information about all of the questions that Tide fans want to know about, including linebackers, Terry Grant, Eric Gray, and Leigh Tiffin.

Josh Chapman is part of the Hoover probe regarding grade changing. Not much info on it as of right now. Read what the Tuscaloosa News has pulled up.

The full 105 players joined practice again for the NCAA mandated 5 days before game preparation begins. Nick Gentry, would couldn't play this year because of off-season shoulder surgery, was among them. He wore a black "no contact" jersey.

Roy Upchurch and Brandon Fanney both pleaded not guilty to charges of disorderly conduct stemming from an incident earlier this summer.

Keith Brown has had to answer a ton of questions this off-season, like can he stay healthy, can he keep his starting job, etc. Read more about it here.

Haven't seen many profiles on Brian Motley. This is a good read.

TideSports has a bit of a profile on Lorenzo Washington.

Tony Barnhart thinks that Alabama will be the #1 sleeper team this year. He expects them to "fool the experts."

Comments: You worried about Saban beating Western Carolina? If he wins his first game he could end up with a losing record. This is like the bama bombs we tried last year. Moody sucks
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