Monday, August 13, 2007  
Crimson Rider nailed it...
Crimson Rider, a poster over at, has listed the 8 things that will absolutely set Alabama football on fire over the next few months and I agree with all of them - so much so that I decided to post an entire blog with his post quoted. This is, word for word, his blog, so check it out and let me know if you think he's missing anything.

These are the things that will position Bama for conference and national titles for the next five years. Any single event listed below or combination thereof will in some way launch Bama back to greatness. Listed in order of importance:

  • 8. Beating the Noles - The plotlines in this game will make for great TV. Saban v. Bowden (& his old comrade Fisher), Steel v. his old staff, etc. Lots of eyes on this game and Saban can drop napalm on the college football world with a win here.

  • 7. Landing Star Jackson & AJ Mccarron - If Star commits at the end of this month and AJ commits in September (as has been rumored), Bama is officially loaded at QB through 2012. Other recruits nationwide will take notice and our stellar WR class of 08 recruits will be cemented in their commitments. This also might spur...

  • 6. Julio Jones to commit - This guy is straight Hollywood. Before his senior season, he already has the star power of Timmy Tebow, Joe McKnight, et al. These kinds of players are like magnets, drawing other thoroughbreds to the program. With the allure of these Hollywood studs, a program dripping with tradition, a swollen rabid fanbase, and a larger than life coach who is treated like a rockstar, expect a national title by 2009. Gonna be tough to get JJ to commit before NSD though.

  • 5. A creative, explosive offense - Though it may take a couple of years, there is no questioning the ability of CNS and CKS to develop a punishing defense. In 2007, the great X factor of the Alabama football program is Major Applewhite. He has a lot of potential but is mostly unproven on a bigtime stage (can't you just hear the obese Fulmer telling an offensive recruit, "Well now Applewhite was a success at Rice, but Rice ain't the SEC. Why would you want to take a gamble with someone young and unproven?). Applewhite just walked into an arsenal stocked with weapons (think Reba Mcintyre's basement in the movie Tremors), and the whole SEC is waiting to see if he can pull the trigger.

  • 4. 9 win season - CNS can silence all the hate-spewing journalist losers about his coaching ability by obliterating the 7-5 expectations for 07. A New Year's day bowl win gives him a ten win season in his first year. Expect 184,000 people at A-Day.

  • 3. Beat Allbarn - While this win wouldn't have a whole lot of national significance, the instate significance is immeasurable. Tommy T's softy image would be swallowed up by the gruff Bear-Bryantesque, superman-like nature of Saban. Expect an instate recruiting windfall in favor of the Tide.

  • 2. Landing Arthur Brown - This would be the greatest recruiting coup since McKnight spurned LSU. Plucking this 5* stud out of the midwest would send shockwaves in the recruiting world and would prove that the Bama staff is the greatest recruiting team in CFB. Though it is a longshot, a verbal commitment by Brown in the Fall would trigger a recruting typhoon. (oh yeah, and that bryce kid comes too)

  • 1. Upset LSU - In four quarters of football, Nick Saban can slay a top-3 rated team, embarrass Les Miles, shut LSU out of the national title game, prove the worth of his $4 million price tag, and take all the steam out of a neighboring state's recruiting. On Nov 3, he will be the top story on SportsCenter and king of the football world.

    Cecil mentioned in his live chat today that he would love to see a neutral site game at the SuperDome between Alabama and Texas. That could be REALLY fun. We'll keep an eye on this and see if anything comes up.

    Comments: #1 is absolutely right. If LSU goes undefeated into that game and if we can pull an upset it will be huge. This is the game I am most looking forward to this year. I would rather lose to Auburn and Tennesse both than lose to LSU this year.
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