Wednesday, July 18, 2007  
A lil bitta this...
A lil bitta that...

Ran across some pretty good hip-hop (yeah, like I know what that is) over at Lord T & Eloise. I think you guys would get a kick out of it. I'm contemplating writing some SEC songs this year to post on the site.

Days 'til Season Kickoff: 45

Well, I spent all night playing NCAA 08. I went ahead and started my dynasty. I don't know if I accidentally cut Javier Arenas, but I can't seem to find him. Doesn't look like it's really going to matter - DJ Hall ran a punt back for a touchdown in the first half against Western Carolina.

The game started out rather slow. I played the normal 5 minute quarters and couldn't get ANYTHING going on the ground with Glen Coffee. John Parker Wilson was making some awful throws, so nothing was really going right. Western Carolina picked up momentum early with some quick 3-and-outs, but with 13 seconds left in the quarter, Simeon Castille picked off a pass and ran it 46 yards for a touchdown to take a 7-0 lead. Then, after a quick 3-and-out by the mighty Catamounts, DJ Hall returned a punt to make it 14-0. After another 3-and-out, Glen Coffee took a strong side counter trap 68 yards to the house in one play. 21-0, and just like that, it was a blowout. Ended up 35-0 at the half, then I put in the 2nd teamers. The final was 63-0.

Roy Upchurch is the real deal. He had 11 carries for 123 yards in the 2nd half alone. Had two open field stiff arms that would've broken normal people, and took two decently long runs to the house (40+ and 20+). Greg McElroy has a damn good arm, and he and Caddell and Stover look to be just fine. The defense gave up 12 yards on the day, including -28 yards rushing. Lorenzo Washington is a hoss and, I'm sure, Luther Davis is the other beast in there. Wallace Gilberry, of course, is sensational as well.

Anyway, enough about that. Now onto some news.

Cecil lets us know that discipline for the 3 arrested players will come in due time. The worst case scenario would be if Coach Saban rushes to judgement, and that won't be the case. WTVY is reporting that Saban may not make an announcement until media days in Birmingham next week.

Michigan State people up in Detroit are even chiming in on the Saban craze - here.


#15: Tennessee 17 Alabama 13 Oct. 23, 2004 in Knoxville, TN

I remember this game mostly because we had a chance to win, with a quarterback that couldn't get it done.

The game started with a fumble return for a touchdown, giving Tennessee a 7-0 advantage, but we drove the ball downfield and Tim Castille pushed his way into the endzone for a 7-7 ball game.

We drove the ball again in the 2nd quarter, but had to settle for a Bostick field goal and a 10-7 lead, which was quickly given back on a Jason Swain touchdown grab to make it 14-10. The teams exchanged field goals in the 2nd half to make it 17-13. We lost Tim Castille to a torn ACL in the 2nd half as well.

Pennington and the Tide offense had one final chance to drive the field and score to win the game. We had 1st-and-10 at the Tennessee 37 with just over a minute to play, but the game ended with a Corey Campbell interception with 46 seconds left.

Disheartening, because we knew we could beat them, even with our 3rd string quarterback, fullback, and running back. Oh well.

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