Monday, July 30, 2007  
I wish I was still asleep...
Days 'til Season Kickoff: 33

Well, they report on Thursday, and the first fall practice is on Friday. I'll be in Tuscaloosa on Saturday, so anybody that wants to meet up, spot me an e-mail. We'll be bored most of the afternoon, I'm sure.

As if we didn't already know, the biggest question for Alabama this year will be the defensive line. Josh Cooper lets us know that some of the incoming freshman will play key roles...and that Saban will be monitoring the line closely throughout the fall.

Bobby Bowden lets us know that he's gotten a ton of ticket requests from back home...mostly from friends that are Alabama fans. Check out a preview of the Seminoles' new coaching staff here.

We've discussed this before: the idea of an early signing period. The idea alone is enough to divide SEC coaches. Read more about the suggestions here.

If you're used to showing up just a couple of hours before kickoff and paying some hungry college kid $10 to park in his front yard just about a mile from the may need to make other plans this year. They're enforcing the ban on front-yard-parking on gamedays this year.

John Pruett details the most important rule change of this offseason: kickoffs from the 30-yard-line. This has the ability to allow a ton more returns, maybe more for touchdowns, and more time to run off the clock, making the games just a touch quicker. There should be more scoring, and that can only help a team like Alabama, who needs to score as much as possible this year, since we have such a weak front seven.

The Montgomery Advertiser detailed Antoine Caldwell's day at SEC Media Days - including his stops with ESPN and other national media, along with his time in the print room at the podium. His toughest question wasn't about football was about gambling. Read more about how his day went here.

Tommy Hicks apparently was intoxicated, or just didn't do any research when he was writing his article yesterday for the Mobile Register. We'll correct a few statements: 1) August 30th is LSU at Mississippi STATE, 2) Alabama is playing Arkansas in TUSCALOOSA, not Fayetteville, and 3) the fact that there is no mention of Alabama vs Florida State being a huge game on Sept. 29th, or at least an interesting one, is just a crime after you've mentioned UT vs Cal and Va Tech at LSU.

We got some more commitments over the weekend: Tyler Love, the #1 offensive line recruit in the country, and Melvin Ray, a 4 star receiver from Florida. Both of these have hopped our recruiting ranking up quite a bit - we're #11 over at Rivals and #13 at Scout.

If you missed the Nick Saban interview on the Chris Vernon show, please check it out here. He likes the phrase "positive self-gratification." Weird.


#8: Georgia 37 Alabama 23 Oct. 4th, 2003 in Athens, GA

This game was disgusting. Absolutely ridiculous.

We were man handled, and then toyed with for the rest of the game. Our offense was awful, and our defense couldn't save us.

Our best offensive player was Charles Jones who picked off 2 passes, one for a touchdown and one that setup a field goal. He contributed 10 points, and then Juwan Garth returned a muffed punt snap 10 yards for another touchdown, so he contributed 7. So our defense scored 17 points, while our offense only contributed 6.

Thomas Davis killed Brodie Croyle on just his 2nd play in the ball game.

Shula took a lot of heat for this one. Croyle was already injured...hence why he didn't start the game. After being down 30-3 in the first half, Shula decided to put him in to try and get something started...and instead ended up getting him killed on the 2nd play. Linebackers can smell blood, same as a shark, and they'll attack if they know somebody's already injured.

Either way, we were down early and got our brains beat in. There's nothing worse than knowing you're going to lose as early as the 2nd quarter.

Comments: Hey, it's not that asshat Josh Moon talking 'bout the D-line. It's Josh Cooper.
# posted by Blogger David : 11:40 AM   I totally thought about that before I typed it, and still typed it wrong. Jeez I'm an idiot sometimes. Thanks!
# posted by Blogger Memphis Tider : 12:00 PM   Post a Comment

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