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Days 'til Season Kickoff: 38

Well, I thought I had it perfectly planned. One of my buddies and I are going to Tuscaloosa on Saturday, August 4th. We're gonna eat Dreamland as soon as we get there, and then eat at Wings that night. We were hoping we might have planned it around the time they would do fan day.

Then, the Tuscaloosa News reports today that they've schedule Fan Day for 4:30pm on Sunday, August 5th. That should be all fine and dandy...

But that's when my better half has my daughter's 2nd birthday party scheduled. Talk about crappy timing. I'm learning though...I need to just forget that Fan Day is even happening. Maybe send my cousins with my white Alabama football for everyone to sign for me. Oh well.

Speaking of that, I will be making my regular journey to Tuscaloosa next weekend (yes, August 4th) so if anyone has any idea of what could be something different to do, let me know. My friend Matt has never been to the Bryant Museum, so I figure we'll knock that out after we eat Dreamland. We're leaving after we eat at Wings that night, so we won't have long. Just a short trip to the promised land.

SEC Media Days gets under way today. Wednesday's lineup includes Arkansas and South Carolina at noon, and Auburn and Kentucky at 2pm. Our friend Chris Vernon is down there covering it for 730ESPN, so I'm sure that we'll have a little coverage on our site as well. Check back this afternoon, just incase I've gotten some interesting tidbits of info.

LSU's Alley Broussard announced yesterday that he's giving up football. Kinda surprising...but in a way it's not.

If you wanna read up on SEC Media Days, check out here, here, here, here, and here.

And then the Daily Home has to remind us that we're not gonna hear any big stories out of media days. So why all the fuss? Because we are a football starved society. There's only so many replays we can watch over the summer before we need something real.

For instance, yesterday, I watched the entire Rice vs UAB game from last year. Not because it was on...but because I DVRed it so I could watch Applewhite's offense from last year. That's how nutty our society is right now. I recorded a rerun of a UAB & Rice game and actually went back and watched the ENTIRE GAME.

And people wonder why media days gets so much hype.


#10: Oklahoma 20 Alabama 13 Sept. 6th, 2003 in Tuscaloosa, AL

Well, we've finally made it to Shula's top 10 most memorable games. I remember this one because #1 Oklahoma was coming to town, and the Gameday crew was here to see it. Can't get a more classic matchup than Alabama and the Sooners. No #1 team had ever played Alabama in Bryant-Denny. Plus, it was still early in the season, before anybody knew we were really that bad.

Oklahoma started things off by kicking two field goals in the first quarter, taking a 6-0 lead into the 2nd. Bostick got us on the scoreboard with a 44 yarder, making it 6-3.

Towards the end of the half, Jason White hit Clayton for a 46 yard touchdown, and they took that 13-3 lead into the locker room.

Starting off the 3rd quarter, Bama came out swingin, but couldn't come up with anything. Finally, midway through the quarter, Brodie hit Triandos Luke for a 20 yard touchdown, making it 13-10.

Our defense stiffened on the next possession, and appeared to have held the Sooners to a 3-and-out, but they faked a punt on 4th-and-10 from their own 31 and completed a pass for 22 yards and a first down at the Alabama 47. White immediately hit Brandon Jones for a deep touchdown pass to make it 20-10.

Alabama came roaring back, driving to the Oklahoma 30 on the next possession, but Croyle lofted a pass to Zach Fletcher and it was picked off at the 5 yard line.

Alabama scored the only points of the 4th quarter on a Brian Bostick 36 yard field goal with 1:32 left. Oklahoma recovered the onside kick and ran out the clock.

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