Friday, June 22, 2007  
Well, that was unexpected...
it's finally FRIDAY! we have a new coaching search.

I'm participating in the Crimson & White Roundtable, which will be hosted on separate blogs each Friday, running all the way through the football season. This week is hosting it, so head on over there and check that junt out. This week's question was "Do you think Alabama should retire jersey numbers under special circumstances and, if so, what should those circumstances be? Is there any number you'd like to see retired?"

Days 'til Season Kickoff: 71

Baseball coach Jim Wells did, in fact, retire yesterday. He had been head coach here since 1995. Read more about it here, and here. He was the winningest baseball coach in Alabama history. He'll be pretty tough to replace.

Coach Gottfried's got soul on his ringtone - and answers lots of questions too.

Seandre Richardson, a safety from Linden, tells about Coach Saban's camp.

Josh Moon proves, once again, that he's a clown with nothing better to write about. I guess picking fights with Coach Saban is the best way to get people to read your stories...especially since I had never read a story by Moon until the whole Saban thing came to fruition.

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#3: Georgia 27 Alabama 25 Oct. 5th, 2002 in Tuscaloosa, AL

"Georgia's not man enough to beat Alabama." - Pat Dye, '02

Thanks Pat. We appreciate the bulletin board material.

This was a humongous game. We were ranked #22 at the time, and Georgia was undefeated at #6. This was yet another ESPN Gameday appearance, and yes, it was another loss. I don't think we've won a single game when Gameday has come to town.

Anyway, Georgia kicked things off with a 15 yard touchdown run, and from there the game went back and forth. They scored, we scored, they scored, we scored, and so on. They took a 14-9 lead into the half, and eventually took a 24-12 lead in the 4th quarter.

But, this team had some guts and came back. Brodie Croyle drove us down the field and scored to cut it to 24-19. Then Charlie Peprah intercepted a pass and ran 35 yards to the endzone, less than a minute later, to take a 25-24 lead. The 2 point conversion was unsuccessful. There were still 9+ minutes left in the game. Georgia eventually drove down the field after two unsuccessful drives by them and us. They kicked a 32 yarder to seal the deal and remain undefeated.

Once again...I was heartbroken.

Comments: Well it looks as if Coach Wells crawling uninvited to LSU last year in pursuit of that head coaching job and for which he wasn't seriously considered has resulted in his termination at Bama after a very mediocre year.

If a coach is going to be looking around for a job, then he needs to either have a successful search or be really very good every year in his current job. Coach Wells was neither in 2007.
# posted by Blogger WesCrimson : 2:37 PM   Was that game 5 years ago. I am still mad at Pat Dye for making that comment to stir up Georgia.

I am sure if anyone will let him on the air, Dye will pop off again in 2007 or 2008 again.
# posted by Blogger WesCrimson : 2:43 PM   When Peprah intercepted that pass, that was one of the most exciting plays i've seen in person. What a moment. Too bad we went on to lose the game. Roll Tide anyway!
# posted by Blogger Andy : 4:27 PM   Hey man! Roll tide :). I love your blog. I was going to tell you whenever you write an article to submit a link to it on so people can vote on them over there, and hopefully bring you a little bit of extra traffic.
# posted by Blogger Jonathan : 9:23 PM   Post a Comment

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