Monday, June 18, 2007  
And we're back...
We are officially back from the road. Talk about a long four days. We closed off the Little Rock show by opening for a band called Black Light Burns and The Vanished. Black Light Burns is Wes Borland's new band (formerly the guitar player from Limp Bizkit). It was a pretty cool show. I woke up this morning tired as you-know-what though, so next time I'll have to try and take a day off work to catch up on my sleep.

Days 'til Season Kickoff: 75

Even though I'm doing the whole band thing and life still revolves around football, so here's what's up.

Read all 32 pages of Coach Saban's contract here thanks to the Decatur Daily.

Jim Rome, among other national sports shows, have picked up on the whole "Jimmy-Barnes-gate" scandal about how Coach Saban "mistreats" players. Josh Moon says the national media is ridiculous.

Chick-Fil-A bowl sound ok to everyone else? I'm down with that.

The Orlando Sentinel points out all of the bowl-game-money clauses in Saban's contract. We also find out here that his priorities lie with winning...not with speaking and appearances.

Read up on the expectations that await Coach Saban this year, as told by Athlon Sports.


#7: Ole Miss 27 Alabama 24 Oct. 13th, 2001 in Oxford, MS

Seriously, this game was tough to watch. Partly because I was getting rained on (as was everyone else), but also because we gave up so many damn passing yards again.

Eli Manning threw for well over 300 yards on a day when passing shouldn't have even been an option. It was raining its ass off all day. Once again, our secondary failed to stop ANYTHING. We had a 24-14 lead going into the 4th quarter and Eli picked apart our defense for two loooong drives, and capped off the game with the winning 3 yard touchdown pass with just a few seconds left. It was disgusting.

Alas, in '02 we beat them 42-7, so that was cool. But the pain still lingered from this game for a while.

Comments: I was at this game and it was an classic case of Dennis Franchione learning more about coaching in the SEC rather than Alabama playing OleMiss!!!

Alabama would have won this game by a ton if they would have stuck to the first half game plan. Tyler Watts was running the option and OleMiss COULD NOT STOP IT! We were talking 10-15 yards a play. In the second half we came out and tried to balance the attack by throwing the ball. Bama may have run the option 2 times in the second half. Well, with average receivers dropping balls (wet balls at that), no time ran off the clock and we kept punting it to UM. Eli made a brilliant pass late in the game where he faked out the run to Saleem Rasheed and threw it down to the 2 yard line. Saleem should have known that Eli wasn't going to run and covered the back.

Regardless, this loss was entirely on the shoulders of the NEW coaching staff. They learned a valuable lesson about coaching in the SEC this day. If it ain't broke don't fix it....


PS: I don't remember it raining during the game but it flooded about 10 minutes before kickoff!
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