Sunday, March 04, 2007  

Yup. 91-67.

How in the world can a team go into a championship game and get demolished? They didn't look like they even wanted to be on the floor. They acted like they'd rather just be at home watching TV. Which is why I changed the channel. I would rather be watching some other TV show. I watched golf.

GOLF. I'm 24 years old and with 10 minutes left in my favorite team's final regular season game, I would rather be watching GOLF.

Are you kidding me?

So now, a team that was a projected FINAL FOUR TEAM in most preseason publications, finished 5th in the SEC Western division. Behind Mississippi State, Ole Miss, Arkansas, and Auburn. What a joke.

This season, in one game, went from having everything still possible to being a joke. I wish I could wake up and have it be football season right now, because now I have to live with the crap that I'll get from everyone else. The only SEC West team that didn't beat us at least once this year was LSU. They were, amazingly, a bigger disappointment than we were.

Oh well. This is how the SEC tourney shapes up now.

E1 Florida W1 Mississippi State
E2 Vanderbilt W2 Ole Miss
E3 Tennessee W3 Arkansas
E4 Kentucky W4 Auburn
E5 Georgia W5 Alabama
E6 South Carolina W6 LSU

Thursday at 12:00 CST we will play against Kentucky. For us to win the tourney, here's what the schedule would look like.

Thursday: vs Kentucky
Friday: vs Mississippi St
Saturday: vs Vandy / Arkansas / South Carolina
Sunday: vs Florida / Ole Miss / Georgia / Auburn / LSU / Tennessee

I guess I like our chances more right now, but still feel like we'll be out the first day.

What a crappy Sunday.

Comments: SEC MEDIA GUIDE (Early Printing)


Coach Mark Shula brings the highly touted, highly talented, lazy Crimson Quitters (20-10) to Atlanta for at least one more uninspired embarrassing chance to lose.
Coming off a fresh ass whipping at the hands of a mediocre Miss St.(17-12) Bulldogs team, the Quitters find themselves in a bit of a pickle with a first round game against Tubby Smith’s Kentucky Wildcats (20-10).

Key notes:

Offense- GRADE D+
1.(Other than non existent at times) runs a play called the “statuette” where players go down on the offensive side of the floor and stand still, with the hope of luring their opponent to sleep. This continues until the shot clock runs down to 8 seconds remaining or the opposing player steals the ball from the person dribbling it.
2.The “one and done “ (A.K.A. The Alonzo Gee play) this is an offensive play ordinarily performed by someone shooting 30% or less from the floor. It is an ill advised “chuck-up” or “brick” or “shot” that can be performed as many times in a row, down the floor as necessary to insure that the other team can build a 10 point lead. It is a non-reboundable shot.
3. Both the Bounce pass and the “alley-oop” should be scrapped since both are performed with the grace of a dead car battery.
4.Turnovers are an essential part of the quitters arsenal. It keeps the other team motivated to play you.

Free Throws GRADE F
Actually practicing free throws could improve this grade to a B.

Defense – GRADE D+

1. The Quitters play a very aggressive 2-3 clueless zone and sometimes a thumb up the rear end.
2. “The Worship” this is the Quitters rebounding play. It is performed with the precision of legless giraffe. “The Worship” is best used when 4 Quitters are standing underneath the goal looking up at the goal (A.K.A. The Worship position)after a shot and standing there until the opposing team either tips the ball in or power slams it in over you.
3. Transition DEE (A.K.A. The 20+ point insured on the road blowout loss) After a missed shot and sometimes after a made shot, the Quitters ordinarily get beat down the floor by the opposing team for an easy lay-in.

Television Grade D+

1. What better way to not only show the locals that you suck but also the nation (if they cared to watch a Jr. High team play) can laugh along as well.
2. If the selection committee bothered to watch that game Sunday against Miss St., Then it’s NIT time.

Coaching GRADE F

1. Coach Mark Shula still struggles with the 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10 count. The team is having a hard time picking up that you only HAVE 10 SECONDS TO BRING THE BALL PAST HALF COURT.
2. Couldn’t motivate his team to take a dump-even if they had diarrhea.
3. Has a shoot first suffer the consequences later philosophy.
4. Days of doing Bryan luncheon meat commercials may be numbered.
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