Sunday, February 04, 2007  
Victory is so sweet
Even when you play bad. I just don't understand how they can look so good one game, and then come out and play flat the next game. Alonzo Gee cannot play defense...period. It's almost pathetic how many times he let that kid shoot open threes yesterday. But, he's also insanely explosive, so there's good with the bad, I suppose.

Riley showed that he is, indeed, only a first year player in the SEC. He ruined two fast break opportunities back to back, but hit lights out from long range, so he corrected a few of his mistakes. He needs to get better for us to be better.

So with the win yesterday, and with Ole Miss winning at Auburn and Kentucky winning at Arkansas, Alabama sits at #1 in the SEC Western Division BY THEMSELVES. We're not tied with anyone...we're just first in the west. Which is disgusting, if you think about it.

Joe McKnight, according to sources, WAS IN TUSCALOOSA ON SATURDAY. He was spotted on campus near the football complex. Good news for us, I suppose.

This week will mark a very important recruiting class for Alabama football. We here at Memphis Tider believe that McKnight, Gibson, Corley, and Lazear will all be signing with Alabama on Wednesday. We may be wrong...but that's what we're hearing.

Alabama plays Mississippi State in basketball on Wednesday night. And man do they ever need to win this one. They've put themselves into a "must win" for most of the remaining games. I can understand dropping one to Florida on the road, but every other game is insanely winnable, even the road games. Pick it up guys.

LSU is just awful. They may have to move Glen Davis to the perimeter and find another post player. That's how bad their shooters are.

Comments: I not sure we will even get one of the four you mentioned.

Corley- commited to LSU today.

Mcknight- Most people say he was not in tuscaloosa. I hope he was, but where is your proof. Give me a link or something. We can't just wish him to tuscaloosa.

Gibson- He says he is an alabama fan. Oh Yeah, then why the hell has he not committed to bama yet? I think he may be leaning towards auburn.

Lazear- I think he will be good, and I know he wants to come to bama. have we even offered him a scholarship yet?

I hope we can get the other three ( Corley is no longer a consideration) but i'm not sure we will even land one of 'em.
# posted by Blogger kyle : 2:25 PM   Gee had 4 steals, Riley was supposed to be covering the white guy who popped all the threes... Riley wasn't getting off screens fast enough to stick the guy, Gee was covering his man.
# posted by Blogger steven scoggan : 4:58 PM   corley to lsu. who are you hearing from? tell 'em to take a hike...
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# posted by Blogger Indiana Vol Fan : 9:56 PM   good luck with lazear, i hear he's a real "steal"
# posted by Blogger War Eagle In Fla : 10:57 PM   Funny stuff!!! LMAO. McKnight not in alabama, has completed visits as of last week. In case you have not heard. bama has stolen no LSU recruits, they all know the new bama coach is a liar!!!
# posted by Blogger jjones2 : 2:07 PM   Post a Comment

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