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Tuesdays are closer to the weekend....
than Mondays...whew.

So, some idiot columnist wrote an article bashing coach Saban for allegedly talking badly about other schools in the SEC. And then that columnist realized that his source was a made up news story on a message board. The Mobile Register caught on, and the Daily World has removed the article and declared it inaccurate. People are such morons. At least we know where that jackass stands.

If you would like to read it, here is a copy of the entire article, as it has since been taken down. Thanks to Stuart for this.

Heads or Tails: Saban has burned his bridges
By Tom Dodge

He isn’t Saint Nick any longer.

Nick Saban didn’t like his assistant coaches to talk to the media while he was at LSU or with the Miami Dolphins.

After his words over the past couple of weeks, Saban should put the gag order on himself.

We all remember when he said he is not going to be the head coach at Alabama and then he jumped at the wads of cash the Crimson Tide threw his way.

Then in an effort to woo the tough Tuscaloosa crowd, he went on state-wide radio and took potshots at the other SEC schools.

According to a story in the Birminham News, Saban chatted with Paul Finebaum and joked that Mississippi State was “still funding scholarships by collecting pop bottles and aluminum cans along the highways.

Saban took aim at Auburn by saying: “Auburn, our motto - ‘Where most coaches are fired’ is still in effect.”

Saban must have forgotten the Crimson Tide fired Mike Shula, Mike Price and Mike Dubose and had Dennis Franchione bolt for Texas A &M - all in the time frame that Tommy Tuberville has been at Auburn.

But the biggest slap was in the face of his former LSU team.

Saban took all the credit for the resurgence of the Tiger football program.

“LSU was nothing before I arrived. Academically, athletically physical plant, nothing,” Saban said on the radio show.

“Their current success is soley due my recruits,” he went on.

Then came the kick in the gut for every Tiger supporter.

“Coach Miles, though a fine man, does not fill my shoes, fit my desk or cast a taller shadow.”

Saban promised Alabama will be the premier team in every aspect over LSU.
“Our coaching staff is superior to anything in Baton Rouge. We will go into Louisiana and take each and every player we want. LSU will not, nor can not stop me. Mark my words.”

Talk about spitting into the well and burning all his bridges with any LSU people.
“As the talent I recruited graduates from LSU, they will return to the lower depths of this league.”

That means LSU will be the same class as who? Vanderbilt, Mississippi State and Ole Miss were the only three SEC teams not in a bowl game this past season.
He gave credit for one aspect of Tiger football when he talked about the pregame festivities.

“LSU fans focus on the pre-game party aspect. Winning the party is paramount there. Seven-win football and winning baseball will keep them happy.”

I’m sure Les Miles would disagree, as some LSU faithful are upset with him even after back-to-back 1o wins seasons - something Nick couldn’t do in Baton Rouge.
But the ultimate insult was released on the internet this week.

Saban used the term “coonass” when talking to three members of the Miami media on Jan. 4., the day he was introduced in Tuscaloosa as the Crimson Tide’s head football coach.

To some, it is the a supreme ethnic slur, meaning “ignorant backwards Cajun.”

At that time, he relayed a story from an LSU Board of Trustee member about how his decision to take the Alabama job upset LSU fans.

He told the reporters before starting that his comments were “off the record” and could not be used for attribution.

The reporter that released the taped comments shouldn’t have, but Saban should have been smart enough to bite his toungue and not tell the joke.

Then on top of that he used vulgarity in telling the joke with the punch line “going to Alabama is like your best friend sleeping with your wife.”

So after dropping the F-bomb and the ethic slur, how did Saban respond to the latest controversy?

"I think it must be noted," Saban said, "that those comments were made 'off the record' and the words merely reflected an anecdote that was told to me using that language."

I think it should be noted, that he should have never repeated the joke.
I hear jokes and stories as I go around covering sporting events, most of them I would never repeat.

Some people are saying this latest episode has been blown up bigger than it should have - may be should think a little longer before he speaks.

Nick needs to polish up his act before he can ever return to sainthood.

Tom Dodge is the Sports Editor of the Daily World

Hoover's Kerry Murphy is having trouble deciding between Miami and Alabama. I didn't figure that would be too difficult of a decision, but maybe I'm biased...haha.

Kourtnei Brown has committed to Clemson now. That wasn't a surprise to me.

Look for Jeramie Griffin to receive an offer and accept it on signing day.

The Huntsville Times has a good article about Bama and Auburn battling for instate recruits.

Word is that Coach Gottfried is working on a home and home over the next two years with Texas A&M, Maryland, and maybe Gonzaga. That, along with a game at BJCC with Georgetown, and the Maui Invitational, means we'll have a top 10 schedule next year. Plus, the only player we're losing is Davidson. We should be experienced...again. Basketball's in good shape for next year.

Josh Chapman has apparently switched his commitment from the Barn to Alabama.

And finally...Paul Finebaum absolutely goes off on LSU supporters in his latest column. Haha.

Comments: Kerry Murphy picked Bama today.
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