Monday, February 12, 2007  
This time next week I should have an update from Tuscaloosa. I get to tour the entire football complex on Sunday afternoon, so hopefully I'll have a lot of pictures, etc. to show to you cats.

I spent the weekend working on my car and watching the basketball game. Transmission went out, something is wrong with the axle, and my air conditioner isn't working - makes for a long weekend with very little updating.

And, as soon as I got into work this morning, I was given a project to work on, so the recruiting review will have to wait.

I was pretty harsh on Andy Kennedy. I apologize for that. It is pretty ridiculous though, but I guess that's what the less talented teams have to do to win. Just look at Tennessee last year.

Oh well. A win at Florida on Wednesday night will cure all of that. Did you know that we're the last SEC team that beat Florida? That's right...sho nuff.

Florida State tights ends coach and recruiting coordinator, John Lilly, turned down Alabama's offer to join Saban's staff. The article also mentions that spring practice will start March 24th.

Kevin Scarbinsky reminds everyone that Mark Gottfried is NOT Mike Shula in a suit. Seriously...people saying he should be fired are idiots.

Roll Tide guys, and we'll catch up with this later on.

Comments: I agree, the SEC officiating is by far the worst in the nation. Hollinger got mugged on the sideline and SURPRISE!!!!! no whistle. Amazing how when we used to trap we couldn't even touch the oppossing player without a foul being called. Now you can actually try on the opponents gym shorts while he is still wearing them. It is preposterous the officiating in the SEC. The game before Bama (Ark and Lsu) that huge goon Arkansas has, was a moving pick machine. It was so obvious my Grandfather even spotted it, and he is dead. It sucks watching a home cooking Sec officiated game and get ready for the blow-out WED at the Humphrey Center.Florida is tough enough with 5, almost impossible against 8.
# posted by Blogger Bradster : 11:27 AM   yeah, but then again, something tells me that the SEC wants to make sure that they get in as many as possible. The only real way to make sure Bama gets in is to win at Florida.

I don't think it's out of the realm of possibility to win, but I will be expecting a big time loss there.
# posted by Blogger Memphis Tider : 12:16 PM   memphis tider - were you at the game in Oxford? I was, work at UM, and avid Bama TidePride nut. The officiating was a tale of two halves. The SEC officals suck! They let the first 5 minutes of the game go. Rough banging around the goal was let go. From the 5 min mark in the first till about the last 10 minutes of the game they called everything - except moving screens. The last 10 they wouldn't call any fouls. The Hollinger foul was so bad - got fouled 4 times. The foul that didn't get called that turned out to be the game winner for UM was the push for a rebound with about 1:45 left. The ball went out of bounds and UM made a 3 to seal the deal. I was near this goal and it was a blatent foul that was just ignored because of the loud home crowd (the biggest at UM ever).

I wish the SEC officals were consistent! Wait... They are consistent...Consistently BAD!!!

Love your blog!

PS: How did you get a tour of the complex in T-Town? I am jealous...
# posted by Blogger BamaBuck : 1:42 PM   I've got a few friends down there...haha. You'll see the pics. I'm sure it'll be awesome.

Yeah, the officiating is definitely home cooking. I wasn't there...mainly because I had a feeling that something like that would happen. I ended up watching with several of my friends at the house.

The way Ole Miss plays is very reminiscent of Huggins' teams at Cinci and Bartow's teams at UAB (AK's two mentors). They'll beat you up until the refs just get sick of blowing the whistle. I made the remark that they'd stop blowing the whistle with about 10 minutes left in the 2nd half. Ole Miss plays about 12 men deep - also known as hitmen.

We were just dumb and we let them hang around. Riley blew several fast break opportunities. He's incredibly lazy with the basketball and doesn't know how to convert. He's kinda like Jean Felix, only we could play through Felix's bad shooting last year...this year it's a little tougher without Steele playing well.
# posted by Blogger Memphis Tider : 5:30 PM   Post a Comment

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