Wednesday, February 21, 2007  
Complete shit.

I hate Lofton. And Bruce Pearl. And to Brad, who likes to write in and poke a little fun, I hate you too. Haha.

Seriously though, what has happened to the game of basketball? Do the officials feel it is their obligation to call games accordingly to make them more evenly matched?

I know...I know...they started calling them in the 2nd half. But by that point we should have been up by 10 instead of struggling to stay even. Bottom line, we should have hit our free throws in overtime. But it still doesn't let anybody else off the hook.

I would love to know what happened to Ronald Steele. He looked 10 times healthier against Kentucky, but then didn't play almost the entire 2nd half tonight. Freshmen aren't supposed to be able to make the kind of plays to keep us in the ball game like they did tonight.

The starters should be ashamed of themselves. The 2nd team outhustled them ridiculously tonight, and it wasn't even close.

I'm guessing tonight was Gottfried trying to prove a point. Of course, if the starters had played better, he could have tried to prove this point against Auburn on Saturday. If you don't play hard, you can't win. Period. So to Alonzo Gee, Ronald Steele, Davidson, Hendrix, and, for tonight, even Hollinger - STOP BEING STUPID.

God bless America. I'm headed to band practice.

Comments: Well for starters I hate Lofton and Pearl and to top it all off even myself. HAHA

To wake up this morning and be one of the 3 "chef's" who helped in the cook (or crook) job last night @ Knoxville, you have to be embarrassed. The SEC has by far the worst Officials in Basketball. I am still wondering, with 1:16 left who Hendrix fouled underneath Tennessee's goal. He was like in Chattanooga. There was absolutely no one around him. Even the announcers were stunned.Oh and by the way whoever the pot bellied gray haired legally blind zebra on the baseline was (Benedict?) here is a hint; when you have 3 Bama guys waiting for the ball to come off the cylinder so you can rebound and a Tennessee player comes roaring in,slams it and knocks the Bama guys out of the way like bowling pins, that's normally called over the back in the Pac 10,Big 10, ACC, Big 12, yada,yada,yada.Also when the opposing team is throwing the ball in and you as a Tennessee player is defending the throw in and you step on the end line(not once but twice) that's normally called a DELAY OF GAME WARNING....

Also I like how the ref in the 44th row seat 12 called a T on Gottfried(OH AND BY THE WAY IT WAS OUR FRIGGING BALL). Pearl was close to pitching a fit after every trip down the floor and not to mention how he was allowed to stand on the court for most of the game. Speaking of T's how come Count Dracula (Florida's coach)never gets a T? He whines the whole game.
Last but not least, even the television people know the officiating is horrible. I have noticed this year that when a controversial or borderline call is made they would show a replay of it. Not this year , they may show 3 a game but they always show a highlight that happened 2 possesions ago before they go to break, instead of the blown call.
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