Monday, February 26, 2007  
The concept of TEAM
Days 'til Selection Sunday: 13 (does it really matter anymore?)
Days 'til Spring Practice: 26
Today's RPI: 47
Latest Projection average: NOT INVITED TOURNAMENT

So I'm still a little in shock that we were handled at home by Auburn. The chances of another trip to the dance look very very slim (which might be better, because I won't have a biased opinion of anything going into the office pools). We'll have to win against Ole Miss and at Mississippi State, and then win probably at least two, and maybe three in the conference tournament (which will be next to impossible).

You've got to wonder how stressed out Mark Gottfried is right now. Even when he's had teams that have under achieved, they've never been this bad.

And what's worse is that, even though we suck, we can still win out and have a bye in the conference tournament. So one has to ask the question...

Does the SEC suck this year?

Honestly, this could be the worst year for SEC basketball in a LONG long time. Or, you could say that it's better because everyone is more even. There's no clear cut "better" team, other than Florida, who has fallen as of late (and this is NOT a good time to forget how to play together).

For Alabama fans, the future does look a little bit bright. Because our starters are putting forth no effort, CMG has been forced to play a ton of freshmen who are still getting used to conference ball. Yeah, we'll have four of the starters back next year, but the people behind them may fight for their spots. Which is something that this team needs. They NEED to fight for something. Anything. Seriously. I haven't seen the original starting lineup play hard all year.

And for the love of God, why can we not figure out the press? It's ridiculous.

Ahhh...another Monday. When do NIT tickets go onsale?

Comments: It's not the press that's killing us. We have a lot of turnovers against the "pressing" teams this year, but almost all of the turnovers occur after we've broken the press and gotten into our half-court offense (assuming, that is, that we even have a half-court offense). We just can't handle teams that pressure both ends of a pass.

My biggest disappointment is that it took CMG until the 4th from last SEC game to get minutes for Torrance, who is CLEARLY a better option than Hollinger or The Artist Formerly Known as Ron Steele for this team. Why did it take so long to start getting the younger guys in the lineup? We were giving Gee, Steele, Hendrix and JD over 30 minutes a game as we cruised past non-conference teams by 20 and 30-point margins. Wouldn't that have been a good time to start getting some experience for our bench?
# posted by Blogger Michael : 1:22 PM   POINT 1
We do suck in the press, Mark Shula has always sucked in breaking the press as is also his fast break transition offense is virtually non-existent. I scream at the T.V. every game when we are in the backcourt and an offensive player is dribbling the ball then picks his dribble up before crossing the time line or having anyone to throw it to. He is quickly trapped and then throws the ball away.
We stand around on offense because we are gassed. That is the most out of shape, refuse to run basketball team ever on the capstone. All one has to do is watch another teams fast breaks on us to see that. Alabama looks like the dogs I bet on at the race tracks (5th & 6th place) trailing the leading dogs. Numerous times other teams are scoring before we even have a ball player past the half court stripe.Just watch the highlites.Everytime Alabama loses theire is always a baseline shot of the opponent slamming the ball while ALABAMA ball players are chaising him in the background.

I agree with Michael on the 20 and 30 point blow-outs. Coach Mark Shula is a players coach so when we play Milton Academy for the one armed , one legged muted Polytechnical A&M, instead of running our offense and getting our players some reps, wer'e smiling and playing playground ball with alley-oops and behind the back passes. That crap doesn't impress Florida, Arkansas, Ole Miss, Tennessee,Vandy and Lord help us Auburn.



"We need to get better"-Mike Shula

"We need to get better" - Mark Gottfried
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