Monday, January 29, 2007  
Brandon Hollinger straight up called out his teammates - the Alabama STARTERS - in today's Montgomery Advertiser.

"We don't play defense. Teams just go in and score on us."

"Our team is just so relaxed on defense they're not playing defense the way they're supposed to. I just come in and try my hardest to get them going on defense."

The latest idea is to bring Hollinger in and let him play in Riley's spot. I say bring him and put him at Steele's spot. Yes, Riley is bad...but he's not hobbled right now. Steele is giving it everything he's got, but he can't stop my grandmother right now.

"You've always got a sparkplug on your team. On defense, it's effort. You don't even have to know how to play defense to play defense. If you get up on your man and try your hardest, you should be able to play defense. You pressure him, he can throw a bad pass or it's not going to be an easy pass to the post player. It's all about effort."

For the love of God, play this kid. Anyone remember Antoine Pettway?

"I admire him because physically he's not the biggest guy or the strongest guy," power forward Richard Hendrix said, "but more important than his physical size is the size of his heart and how hard he works. When he gets out there on the court, he gives it all he has. The thing I really like about him is whether he's in there a little while to play defense or if he's in there a lot, scoring points and making assists, the only stat that matters to him is that 'W.' We need a lot of people like that. That's what you need in order to be a good team."

No...Hendrix wasn't talking about Antoine. He's talking about Hollinger.

And, is this team still ranked in the Top 25? We're at #19 in the AP, and #20 in the Coaches poll this week.

You want to know how lucky Alabama is? Here's the latest SEC West standings.

Arkansas 3-4
Auburn 3-4
Alabama 2-4
LSU 2-4
Mississippi State 2-4
Ole Miss 2-5

So as bad as we are, we still have a chance to turn it around because we're only a half game out of the lead in the West. Of course, we're only a half game out of last place as that just goes to show how bad the Western division is.

Here's my starting lineup for Wednesday night against LSU.

Brandon Hollinger
Justin Tubbs
Demetrius Jemison
Richard Hendrix
Yamene Coleman

That would be my starting five. The other four wouldn't play but maybe 5 to 10 minutes. Maybe. If I was in a good mood. These five players would WANT to win. They would give it everything they've got.

Comments: naw man... Here's my starting lineup for Wednesday night against LSU.

Brandon Hollinger
Justin Tubbs
Demetrius Jemison
Richard Hendrix
Jermareo Davidson

Davidson has been giving it his heart. Some games you just aren't on. I say you can't sit Davidson....
# posted by Blogger J : 5:35 AM   I think Davidson should sit until he starts to act like a post player. Post players do not play at the top of the key. Period.

If he's going to be a "big man" then he needs to be down there banging the boards. The last few games, he's gotten out of position FAR too many times. I understand he's giving it everything he's got...but he's being stupid...hence why I'd bench him.
# posted by Blogger Memphis Tider : 8:51 AM   I knew it was only a matter of time before someone made the Hollinger-Pettway comparison. I like Hollinger's defensive intensity, and I think he can help this team, but he's no Pettway. In addition to playing suffocating D, Antoine could penetrate and score or knock down open 3's. His FG percentage was typically above 50% and he had the best assist/turnover ratio in the conference. From what I've seen, Hollinger brings NOTHING to the table offensively.

I do agree with you that we'd be a better team right now if we sat Steele and JD.
# posted by Blogger Michael : 1:14 PM   Post a Comment

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