Saturday, January 06, 2007  
Official Memphis Tider Webstore
I'm not sure if anyone has noticed the new webstore that's over on the right side of the page here, so if you haven't, it's there. I'm going to post our new shirts to show you what we've got over there (click on the shirt if you would like to go to the order page). Some of you might dig it, some of you might not. Either way, I find them entertaining and hopefully you will too.

"I knew..." t-shirt

Displays "I knew he was going to be the new coach the whole time" on the front. No back.

"Attention SEC" t-shirt

Displays "Attention: SEC" on the front. Displays "You are officially on notice" on the back.

"I HATE TIGERS" t-shirt

Displays "I HATE TIGERS" on the front. No image on the back.

"Memphis Tider" hoodie

Displays "Memphis Tider" logo on the front. No image on the back.

"I HATE TIGERS" hoodie

Displays "I HATE TIGERS" on the front. No image on the back.

"hey miami" shirt - 2 SIDES

Displays "hey miami" on the front. Displays "stop whining" on the back.

"hey tubby" shirt - 2 SIDES

Displays "hey tubby" on the front. Displays "stick that thumb up your ass cause WE'RE BACK!" on the back.

"hey lsu" shirt - 2 SIDES

Displays "hey lsu" on the front. Displays "you smell like corndogs" on the back.

"I HATE AUBURN" t-shirt

Displays "I HATE AUBURN" on the front. No image on the back.


Displays "I HATE TENNESSEE" on the front. No image on the back.

"I HATE FLORIDA" t-shirt

Displays "I HATE FLORIDA" on the front. No image on the back.

"I HATE LSU" t-shirt

Displays "I HATE LSU" on the front. No image on the back.

"Memphis Tider" t-shirt

Displays "Memphis Tider" logo on the front. No image on the back.

Like I said...just click on the shirt that you want and it will take you to the order page. Roll Tide!

Comments: Fulmer ant scarred of no bamer fan an no Aubern fan an no Florada fan an no arkansaw fan, an no body else to, The vols will bite like smoky bite a hog when next year season come,

Fulmer will next year win sec championship an then nasional championship cause fulmer is king of sec, no body can beet fulmer cause he gets all players from the state of Tennasee Aubern Goergia Alabma Florada Arkansaw Louseanna,

They wont come to those states to play foot ball, they dont know how to play foot ball they come to tennasee cause Fulmer is a good foot ball coach an Fulmer will win sec champinship game an beet florada or Goergia in it

Bite em smoky go vols!
# posted by Anonymous Anonymous : 2:25 AM   hey dumbass acolyte, your spelling and grammer represents the Tennessee education that you have been so wrongly blessed with. Bama has won SEC since Fat Ass Phil has and will again. Oh and Tennessee cant win the SEC against Georgia or Florida considering they are in the same division, that being the East if you didnt know.
# posted by Blogger bamafan : 1:12 PM   That fulmer guy is retarted. I guess it is true about what they say about Tennesse fans..they can wear their orange to the game on Saturday, hunting on Sunday, and to their construction job the rest of the week.
# posted by Blogger The nigga : 10:19 AM   Post a Comment

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