Monday, January 08, 2007  
Gators win! Would they have won a playoff?
First off, congrats to the Florida Gators for proving, once and for all, that the SEC is, by far, the best conference in the country. I believe a 6-3 bowl record will solidify that, along with the National Title. Orson at is probably the happiest man alive right now. I can't wait to see all of his blogs over the next week or two.

Next, congrats to Chris Leak for proving to be FLAWLESS. Gator fans have hated him for quite some time...and for what, I'm not sure. He's looked bad in some games, but remember this -- his coach for the first two years was Ron Zook. He was learning how to LOSE. Luckily for him, Urban Meyer knows how to change that mindset. Hopefully Saban will know how to change that mindset for Alabama's players.

The game was an all around ass whipping. I knew after Ohio State's first offensive possession that it was over. I called my father and told him "this game's going to be a blowout" when it was still 7-7. It was incredibly obvious that Ohio State had not seen anything like an SEC caliber defense, and Florida's defensive line was able to get pressure with their down four the entire night. The secondary had a field day, especially since Ted Ginn, Jr. got injured early on (although I don't think he could have changed the outcome).

Anyway, once the game got to be 27-14, I began thinking about all of this playoff crap that the talking heads have been spewing out for the longest time, and I thought about the possibility of Boise State winning the national title. It would never, ever happen. But, to appease all of the idiots, it would be nice to at least give Boise a fair I have come up with 4 different playoff scenarios, along with the teams that would have been in each playoff according to this year's bcs rankings. I am also including how those teams would have been selected. Tell me in the comments section which one you would enjoy the most.

The BCS Rankings playoff would consist of the top 8 teams in the BCS final poll only. There would be no limit as to how many teams from each conference, no worrying about conference champions, etc. It would basically be a smaller version of the March Madness NCAA basketball tournament.

The Conference Champions system is the way that most people could see it going, with being an even eight team playoff. You take the BCS conference champions and seed them according to their rank in the final BCS poll. Then you take the two highest ranked at-large teams (either non bcs schools or schools that didn't win their conference) and seed them in the 7 and 8 positions, according to their final rankings (in this case, Michigan was 3, so they'd be 7th, and LSU was 4th, so they'd be 8th).

The Plus One system is the one that most people are talking about. It would be the easiest, by far, but coming up with the final four teams would be incredibly difficult. I would assume it would just be the top four teams in the final ranking, with no clauses regarding conference champs, etc.

Finally, my favorite. The 10 team playoff is designed exactly like the current BCS. The six BCS conference champions get the top 6 seeds, and will be seeded according to rank in the final BCS poll. No conference is allowed more than two teams into the playoffs, and the at-large teams must play a "wild card game" to enter the field of 8. Non BCS teams can be included, but don't have to be. No rules like the "if they're in the top #, blah blah" crap. This will simply place the 10 best teams in the country on a level playing field.

So, everyone take a few moments, figure out which one you like best, or if you like the idea of a playoff at all, and post in the comments section what you think. I'd like to hear what you've got to say. I have opened anonymous comments on this one, but if it gets too stupid or pointless, I'll delete the comments.

Comments: Like 10 team playoff. Let's keep in mind BCS had Florida in this game by only .011. The BCS has to go, as blogged about here and here
# posted by Anonymous NextBlitz : 9:09 AM   Personally, I'm against instituting a playoff. I like the old bowl system.
# posted by Blogger Todd Jones : 3:17 PM   How about this possibility?

After all the bowl games, you take the 4 that had the best record and a bowl win.

That would put these four in a 2 weekend play off

Boise State
# posted by Blogger mojoala : 8:30 PM   I think that could work...except then you'd have college football competing with the NFL with two playoffs happening at the same time.

Plus, you can't run college football all the way to the end of January.

Maybe just having the plus one formula, where the top four playoff for the national title. Those three games would be HUGE.

And Todd...I like the old bowl system as well...but this is just IF we get a playoff.
# posted by Blogger Memphis Tider : 11:30 AM   No one ever mentions using the existing Bowls as the Playoff games. We could keep the championship game rotating like it does now, have lower bowls be the first round of playoffs and so on...
# posted by Anonymous Anonymous : 11:40 AM   Post a Comment

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