Tuesday, January 23, 2007  

That video is all you need to see of the game at Auburn. There was no foul called. This went on all night. I am currently working on a letter to the SEC Director of Officiating. If I were the SEC, I would be absolutely embarrassed by the performance of these referees tonight.

I understand the home team getting a majority of the calls. I understand the term "home-court advantage." But, this was beyond disgraceful. This was the officials making it impossible for one team to be able to win a basketball game.

Now, before you call me a homer and a whiner, I thought the same thing about the Arkansas-LSU game in Fayetteville last Saturday. Alabama also took advantage of a no-call against Georgia on the last play of the game Saturday, so it's becoming a big time trend with SEC officials everywhere in the league. I was not able to see the Vanderbilt game, but I'm sure it may have gone something like this.

Alabama was not allowed to be a physical team tonight, and Auburn was. Plain and simple. In the first half, we were able to knock down some threes, and we were able to play with them down low a little bit because the officials were calling a slightly more even game. Every double team by Auburn was a hack & slap & bump until the kid does something stupid with the basketball. No fouls were EVER called.

I watched illegal picks over and over and over without anything being called. Hell, I watched ESPN diagram what they called a "headhunter pick" which was SO OBVIOUSLY A MOVING PICK, but of course it was never called. That resulted in a three pointer for Auburn.

The fast break no call that I posted above is evidence enough to show what I'm talking about. We had a lead at the half, and Auburn came out in the 2nd half and killed us in the post. Two 6'7" kids killed us in the post. Hendrix sat almost the entire game with foul trouble. They called the pettiest crap on him, and then allowed Auburn to hammer away at our boys. I'm surprised there was not a fight tonight. The team basically gave up with about 5 minutes left in the game. After trying to force the ball inside for about three minutes (from the 8:30 mark on down) and getting beaten to death on every play, the kids were physically and emotionally drained. They gave it everything they could, but their will was killed by no calls.

Hendrix was about as frustrated as I've ever seen him. The officials let Auburn kill him on the offensive end, but if he so much as brushed an Auburn player on defense, they called a foul on him. He picked up three fouls in the first half, and only played a few minutes in the second because he quickly picked up his fourth foul.

Either way...once again, we have to regroup after a blowout road loss and prepare to play a rolling team coming into Coleman. I'm actually really scared about this game because I feel like the team is getting down on itself. Props to Gottfried for taking the blame for this one, although it was clearly out of his hands. If I were him I would have gone insane in the post game news conference. Officiating cost his team a chance tonight. I'm not saying they cost them a win...but a chance. We didn't get that in the second half tonight.

Comments: Let me first say I love your site. I check it two or three times a day. It got me through the coaching search, thanks for not posting rumors. But let me tell you, refs do not make a 20 point blow out. I am a hughe bama fan (I haven't even been an alumni for a year yet so I still have the student mentality when it comes to supporting my team). But there is just something findamentaly wrong with our team on the road. We had this same problem my freshman year (2001-2002). I don't know wha tthe cause is, but Gotfried better figure it out. The thing about building a successfull program is now he has expectations he didnt have five and six years ago when we were trilled to make the tourney. He has about two weeks to figure out what is wrong before we need to make our big run at the end. I hope he does because I like the guy.
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