Saturday, January 27, 2007  
Box score....
So, let's take a looksy, shall we?

Richard Hendrix, F 12-17 0-0 4-5 4 7 3 28
Jermareo Davidson, F 3-9 0-2 6-8 2 5 0 12
Demetrius Jemison, F 3-5 0-0 0-0 1 3 4 6
Justin Tubbs, G 2-8 0-3 0-0 1 1 4 4
Brandon Hollinger, G 1-3 1-2 0-0 0 0 0 3
Alonzo Gee, F 1-6 0-2 1-2 0 2 2 3
Ronald Steele, G 0-4 0-0 1-2 0 2 4 1
Mykal Riley, F 0-4 0-4 0-0 0 1 0 0

Richard Hendrix was 12 of 17. The rest of the team, put together, was 10 of 41. We were 1 of 13 from deep. We were 12 of 17 from the free throw line.

Wanna know the most telling stat? Arkansas out-rebounded us 36 to 21. At our place. Had it not been for Justin Tubbs playing with (yes, that's right) emotion, this would be another 20+ point loss. Only this time, it would be at home.

So the Crimson Tide is now 2-4 in the SEC. 15-5 overall. We're not going to the NCAA tournament. In a game like this, that we needed in the worst possible way -- for confidence, for the home court winning streak, to stay in the hunt for another NCAA tourney bid -- the starters threw up a dud. They didn't show up.

Ronald Steele - Tell the coach that you're fucking HURT. I don't care if you're 80% to 90%. You're not the same, and you can't play with fire like you did last year. Sit your ass on the bench. One game winning shot over Georgia, in a game where you guys should have gotten beat -- AGAIN -- won't save your job with me. I'm starting Hollinger over you on Wednesday at LSU. Period.

Jermareo Davidson - Hey, Jermareo. I know you've had some trouble and everything. It's been tough being in your shoes. It must be very hard on you because you can't remember that you're 6'10" and should be playing down low. You took 2 three pointer today. STOP PLAYING ON THE DAMN PERIMETER. You're not a fucking shooter. If you're going to be the key to the offense, you need to do it down low. On offense AND defense. Please, just once, stay your ass under the basket. For just one possession. Please.

Alonzo Gee - How on earth can you just disappear in a game like this? Steele and Davidson have excuses (although I'm sick of hearing them). You're just worthless. 1 of 6 from the field and a missed free throw? 2 rebounds? You can't say that you put everything into your defense, because I watched. You suck. Pick it up or quit. Period. I'd rather have all of the idiots that transferred than be forced to watch you play with no fire again. I bet you're missing getting to play Coppin State and Alabama State, aintcha?

Richard Hendrix - How convenient that you decide to show up with 8 minutes left in the game. 7 Rebounds along with 28 points. 19 points came in the last 8 minutes of the game. This to go along with the last game where you didn't show up at all. 4 points in 19 minutes? Your fouls are ridiculous. Are you seriously the same kid that had to choose between Alabama, North Carolina, or the NBA? You couldn't make it playing in JUNIOR COLLEGE with the effort that you put out. If you knew that the rest of the team wasn't going to step up, maybe you should have done it before we got down by TWENTY FOUR POINTS.

Mykal Riley - I like you, kid. I really do. That article about you being shy and all that...almost making it where you couldn't play basketball...that was good shit. You could make a movie out of that. But right now, I couldn't really give a fuck less. You are the wing player. You are the three point threat. Go out there and shoot the damn basketball. 0 for 4 from the field, and all four from long range. Two of them were stupid shots that you had no business taking. You played over half the game, and you took four shots? You didn't play any defense, so what else were you doing? Oh, wait...weren't you one of the idiots standing around watching Brandon fucking Hollinger at the end of the first half?

This team is beyond worthless. There's no pride. There's no dignity. The comeback was too late and is just another hurdle we've gotta get past. Last year this team lost Chuck Davis, started out 7-7, lost to Ole Miss at home in the SEC opener, but was able to come back and win at Kentucky. Beat Florida, LSU, and Tennessee at home. Came back from a huge deficit to beat Arkansas at home. Basically, played with heart. Played smart. Did what they had to do to win.

I'm sick of watching this crap. These players don't give a DAMN about the name on the front of that jersey.

And if you bums read this, I hope it fires you up. Because obviously, getting DESTROYED by teams that just suck is not enough for you. Y'know what? Why don't all of you just QUIT. You're not acting like you want to play anyway, and it would save me from getting my blood pressure up like this. How ridiculous that I'd rather watch gymnastics than bama basketball.

Comments: I am very disappointed with the effort from the basketball team the last couple of weeks. I don't understand why Gottfried can't get them to focus on defense and rebounding.

The team looked pretty good earlier in the year, but have fallen off the map the last two weeks. This reminds me of 2003 when the team started 11-0 got to the #1 ranking and then finished the year with 18 wins and barely getting into the tournament.
# posted by Blogger Alchemist : 4:59 PM   This may honestly be worse than '03. That team wasn't getting blown out on a regular basis. They actually had some heart and played tough. This team has quit.
# posted by Blogger Memphis Tider : 5:03 PM   MT, I think you're wrong to criticize Hendrix. It isn't that he wasn't trying earlier; it's that we never get him the ball. Every play was run through Jermario "Turn-around Jump Shot" Davidson until Gottfried finally pulled him with about 8 minutes to go. Hendrix always steps up when JD leaves the game. I have no idea why we don't make Richard our first option on every possession.
# posted by Blogger Michael : 8:31 PM   dude memphis tider....

im as big of a bama fan as the next guy...

but come on... get a life kido

thesse guys arent as wise and old as you. their learning, and are NOT the UNC Tar Heels.

OH and get off Davidson's back. The kid has a LOT on his mind and having his own fans turning against him, cursing him and the entire team. You're not building the team up, you're horrible bringing them down....
# posted by Blogger J : 5:44 AM   I agree with every freakin thing that you said. Steele just aint getting it done and Davidson acts like he DOESNT GIVE A RATS ASS! Perhaps he doesnt, perhaps he thinks basketball isnt important anymore after what happened. Thats fine and I understand that, but its NOT FAIR to play like shit and cause your team to go down with you.
# posted by Blogger DonJUAN : 11:38 AM   Totally agree, they flat out quit at Auburn. No reason why the number 8 team in America gets blown out at Vandy or anywhere for that matter. 94 opponentpoints = no D. My solution would be for every point we lost by on the road= 1 suicide or deadman. That means 24 just for Auburn alone. I bet they play D then.Alonso Gee would shoot 500 free throws at practice and owe me a lap around the track for everyone he missed. He likes to showboat that ally -oop slam but screw the freebies(where the game is won,unless your Bama on the road).
# posted by Blogger Bradster : 3:12 PM   Post a Comment

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