Tuesday, January 23, 2007  
Bama basketball: @ Auburn

Time: 8pm CST
Place: Beard-Eaves-Memorial Coliseum in Auburn, AL

Alabama goes into Auburn with a 7 game winning streak over the Tigers. That's quite a streak if you ask me. Anyway, I remember several heartbreakers to the Tigers at Beard-Eaves, most notably the halfcourt buzzer beater several years ago that just about made me throw up.

Alabama is coming off a horrible performance at home, but I give credit where credit is due - they did what they needed to win the game. That shot by Ronald Steele could be what Alabama needed to get them right and propel them on to bigger and better things. Bama is currently tied with LSU and Mississippi State at the top of the SEC West at 2-2. This is a very important stretch of games, especially with Arkansas coming into Coleman this coming Saturday.

No West team has won a conference road game so far this year, so if Alabama is able to pull it off, it will be the first western division road win of the season. Which only seems fitting that Alabama should do it against Auburn. The Tigers are 8th in the SEC in scoring offense, and 11th in scoring defense. They are also 9th in the conference in 3 point percentage, but that number is insanely misleading because it has Alabama as the 2nd best 3 point defense in the league, which we know is crap.

Basically, I don't think they can shoot, and I don't think they've got the bodies down low to play with us. They may beat us, but it'll be based on emotion. I like the Tide in this one.

Prediction: Alabama 72 Auburn 64

Comments: Is Stoops going to be at the game. ROFL @ you. Lucky for me, we still got a winner in Saban, so I take your opinion in good fun. Love you MemphisTider!
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