Wednesday, December 27, 2006  
Stoops staff taking shape?
When Bob Stoops went to Oklahoma, he hired a lot of people considered "Oklahoma guys." They're from there, they live there, etc. He gained ground recruiting, etc, by having people that knew the area and knew what they were doing. Oklahoma, like Alabama, wins with home state players. Kids that have pride and that WANT to be there.

So, why would anyone think that he wouldn't go after SEC assistant coaches to build his staff?

With where the university planes have been lately (last night in Detroit for the Motor City Bowl, then in Fayetteville and in Columbia), we're speculating that Stoops' coaching staff is taking shape. Click on each coach's name to link to their profile.

Jimmy Ray Stephens - Offensive Line Coach at Middle Tenn St
Tracy Rocker - Defensive Line Coach at Arkansas
Ben Pollard - Strength and Conditioning Coach at Texas A&M
Steve Spurrier, Jr. - Wide Receivers Coach at South Carolina (will be Offensive Coordinator in Tuscaloosa)

Now, this is all speculation, but these guys all have ties together. Rocker is the least tied to Stoops, but he's from Auburn and coached at Troy. He knows the recruiting base, and he's got a pretty damn good defensive line. Pollard is resigning from Texas A&M after the Holiday Bowl and is moving back to Tuscaloosa. He has no family ties in Tuscaloosa...and even though he says he's not coming back to work at UA...I have reason to believe he is. Spurrier Jr has worked with Stoops for a while and showed that he is a capable offensive coordinator with Mike Stoops down at Arizona. If he is going to take over daddy's spot as head coach at South Carolina in a few years, he'll have to prove his worth elsewhere. Stoops would give him that chance. Jimmy Ray Stephens was the Offensive Line Coach at Florida during the 96 national championship. He and Stoops go WAY back. Hence why the University planes were at the Motor City Bowl.

Again, it's all just speculation. But there are a ton of ties here.

Comments: Whoever writes this blog is an idiot. I love to come here for a good laugh.
# posted by Blogger Russ : 11:23 AM   thanks russ. i appreciate the love brotha. :-)
# posted by Blogger Broken Music Box : 11:39 AM   Let's see here. Bob Stoops has turned away Ohio State (his home state), Notre Dame (he is Catholic), Florida (the school where he was a part of his 1st NC), Iowa (his alma matter), the Cleveland Browns (NFL in his home state), and the Chicago Bears. Each school or NFL requested permission to speak to him and all were granted permission except Ohio State who wanted to do it before the 2000 NC game. Oklahoma and Alabama are nearly identical jobs in almost every aspect. Both schools have top 3 traditions, both schools are the highest level of football in their respective states, and both have tremendous booster financial support. The two things that make them very different right now is one that Oklahoma is competing at the highest level year in and year out where Bama is not. Secondly, due to the price of oil, most of Oklahoma's boosters have much more "red ink" income at the moment. That translates to better facilities, higher coaches salaries, and many more positive things. Between the severance package to Shula, Stoop's buyout and the salary increase he would have to be offered to consider leaving the padded throne he currently sits upon, Bama would have to put together an assinine package. A package that would be easily matched without the additional expenses mentioned. Stoops is already the highest paid coach in NCAA football. Contrary to what has been posted here and on several other Bama sites, OU is not under current NCAA investigation. The Bomar/Quinn incident was wrapped up in November. The NCAA actually commended OU on the swift action taken. So, in closing, do some research, find a coach you have a shot at, and contact Mal Moore and request that he consider them. It would be tough to find someone better than Steve Kragthorpe who wants the job. Tulsa's bowl is over, Moore should be on the horn as we speak.
# posted by Anonymous Anonymous : 2:05 AM   Bob Stoops is an above average coach, he would be a good hire for Bama, the Sooner the better. Oh the Alabama job is better than the Oklahoma job, so the Alabama compensation package could be about the same.

Then Kragthorpe at Tulsa could move up to Oklahoma and since he is already in Oklahoma, his moving expenses would be really reasonable for Oklahoma.

This Bob Stoops deal sounds like a done deal and is a much better idea than pursuing Saban.

What does the price of red ink have to do with Oklahoma boosters. Do you mean they have financial losses and cannot afford Stoops any longer?

Red ink equals losses, black ink equals profits. " In the black" means in a profitable situation. or "Black Friday" which is the day after Thanksgiving and with all the retail shopping, retailers begin to make a profit for the year.
# posted by Anonymous Anonymous : 4:44 AM   Wes, you are delusional if you think Bama is a better job than OU. If Bama is such a great job, then why does nobody want it? I was being kind to call it equal when in reality, its a notch below.

"Red ink" income is that of which one must either donate to a charitable organization or other cause that would be a tax deduction. The terms red ink and black ink come from the way financial records were kept in the pre-computer era. Red ink was used to record a negative value, while black ink was used to record a positive value. Because oil producers are making record profits, they have the ability to be charitable with more of their money now than at other times. A donation (a debit) would be recorded in red ink. Your welcome for the economics lesson.

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Keep up the comedy.
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