Tuesday, December 05, 2006  
Not too much
Received a phone call last night, but haven't gotten a chance to post today.

Rodriguez set up the meeting with Mal today. Neinas did contact him early on, but has not called him back since then. Rodriguez wants the job more than Bama wants him. If he doesn't get it, it's because we didn't want him.

Only thing I'm hearing is that we could get an announcement tomorrow afternoon about Stoops. The Draddy is tonight and I hear that Stoops won't be going back to Norman afterwards.

Not sold just yet. Haven't gotten as many details as I want.

Another interesting fact - Saban got the dreaded "vote of confidence" by the Dolphins. I'll post the link as soon as I find it again.

More soon, hopefully.

Comments: I hope we get stoops but after the spurrier thing I am not getting my hopes up again. by the why I really like your blog.
# posted by Blogger cj : 3:08 PM   Is this an early "Ozzie as AD" production or should the credit go to Mal?
# posted by Anonymous Anonymous : 3:23 PM   finebaum reported that RR met with mal for about an hour but did not konw if an offer was made. Report came from new york.
# posted by Anonymous Anonymous : 3:47 PM   I have to ask if hiring RR is a "hitting a home run". I don't know much about the guy and I am not saying he is a bad hire, he just wasn't a top choice of mine. It looks like he met with Mal today for about 90 minutes and RR's wife also attended the meeting. If your wife is in there with you during an informal meeting, then your leaving if offered. Somebody please tell me that the dream of Stoops is still alive!
# posted by Anonymous Anonymous : 4:12 PM   Flight EJA967 is the same flight that started in Seattle on Monday flew to Vegas (a Norman OU plane was there at the same time) next it headed for Tuscaloosa and finished in Atlanta. Today it flew to Teterbro from Atlanta and is now headed for Miami. Arrival? 7:05 Et.

You make the call.
# posted by Anonymous Anonymous : 4:27 PM   I think that getting RR would be considered a home run, but only because he's one of America's "media darling" coaches.

There is some big time stuff about his offenses...I just look at that Rutgers game and see their average quarterback making that defense look like complete crap. Here's hoping he hires one of three people - Brother Oliver, Randy Shannon, or Joe Kines.

Well, really, any good defensive coach will do. Just don't bring the guy from WV.
# posted by Blogger Broken Music Box : 4:36 PM   I am a 'Bama alum and a life-long, die-hard fan. That some Alabama folks wouldn't consider Coach Rod a homerun is simply a testament to how out of touch with reality our fan base has become. Butch Davis was already off the market by season's end, and Spurrier, Saban, Stoops, Gruden, etc. were never coming to Tuscaloosa or going anywhere else for that matter. With that in mind, I would say that Rodriguez is absolutely the biggest name available, and it appears that we may land him. That IS a homerun, and Mal and the administration deserve a lot of credit if they make this happen.
# posted by Blogger Michael : 5:07 PM   This memphistider furit needs to stop it, he's killing me with laughter, I mean Rodriguez wnats Bama more than we wnat him? please, He is not in need of a job, and he's not completely convinced, he's intrested...Bama has him as our 1# target, he has been since the beginning....
# posted by Blogger 4SEAM : 7:40 PM   4seam its funny that you have said that because i actually heard the same thing today from an intern at a local news organization that said the same thing tider is saying. apparently the meeting between rod and mal today was brought on by rod. could it be that we dont want him as bad
# posted by Anonymous Anonymous : 8:24 PM   i think its pretty much clear who the unanimous number one is: Stoops not Rod. This is the most crucial hire in Alabama's history and we cant settle for a number two, but isnt Stoops the highest paid coach in D-1? Can we match his current salary,can we afford it, if so Mal better pony up. One more thing; I hate how Mal talks like he's the last southern gentleman of the South. He better not fumble on this hire
# posted by Anonymous Anonymous : 9:10 PM   So first it was Spurrier, no wait he didn't want the job, it was just a Stoops smokescreen. Guys get real and read the Miami boards because he will be announced as HC there tomorrow. I love how you guys attribute your sources to anonymous postings from other web boards.
# posted by Blogger Andrew : 9:37 PM   Neinas is the one who made the assesments, he contaced Rod's agent first.
# posted by Blogger 4SEAM : 4:43 PM   There is no evidence that we have met Stoops, that he wants to leave, or that OU is under any NCAA fire...the car dealer thing was an isolated incident...do you see OSU under sanctions no? Stoops kicked the losers off the team and found out about it himself...clean as a whistle.

These phony sources need to stop.

Rod hasn't contacted us, we contacted him, we were intrested, he is too.

Fact is Neinas contacted Rod's agent and told him the process would begin accordingly after the last week of football beofre the bowl games....this is how all legitimate coaching searches go.

Now is the time we are negoitiating, there was contratc in place etc.

Mal HAS MET WITH ROD, this is official, its not behind the back.

Stoops leaving OU, makes no sense, is not a step up, maybe in terms of potential, but definitly a step down base don current conditions.

He has everything he wants at OU...

OU and its fan base is committed to football.

Why leave that for the partially unknown?

Facts is Rod is the perfect guy, offensive innovator, humble, greta personality, tough minded, firey, he works, is nt a adultering fornicating nut, he ain't a creep, he wants to be here a long time, thats his personality.

His offense is a college offense, he ain't taking it to the NFL.

He is the best coach in College Football.

He is proven. He has beaten very good teams with far less talent....
# posted by Blogger 4SEAM : 4:51 PM   Post a Comment

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