Sunday, December 10, 2006  
Dead few days
Man. Absolutely nothing came out yesterday.

And nothing today, I would imagine.

My guess now is that there's not going to be anything real until after the bowl game.

The basketball team crushed Alabama State last night, without Ronald Steele or Jermario Davidson. Justin Tubbs came in and provided a spark off the bench, Coleman played well, Hollinger looked pretty good. There were several times when Gottfried has all freshmen out on the floor. Nice look at the future of the club. Riley is quickly turning into one of my favorite players. Makes you forget about that Notre Dame loss pretty quickly. We get to go to NC State in a few weeks, so we have a shot at one more decent road game.

Lots of people calling for Mike Leach on TideSports forums lately. If that's your idea of a good coach, then I'm glad you're not behind the search. :-)

Comments: I concur. Mike Leach is NOT the answer to what we need right now. I would rather us take a chance on Jimbo Fisher or Norm Chow than to go after the likes of Mike Leach, Jim Grobe, or Paul Johnson.

In fact, I'd rather stick with Kines and try to hire Jimbo as OC than to go after Leach, Grobe, PJ, or Nutt.
# posted by Anonymous Anonymous : 10:24 AM   thank you....mike leach was never the answer and neither was paul johnson. these people who think that they are have just become delirious.
# posted by Anonymous Anonymous : 11:53 AM   The less news that comes out the better. As much as we complain about Auburn, at least they have one thing right: there is only ONE guy in charge. BL does the hiring and the firing. Unlike at Alabama you don't have factions of the BOT and AD undermining the efforts of the President and the Athletic Director to find the best coach.
So if we don't hear any "inside info" over the next few weeks, take it as the best news possible, because hopefully it indicates that Moore & Witt have wisened up, and are keeping their search to themselves, just as it should be.

# posted by Anonymous Anonymous : 12:54 PM   Sarkasian, OSU, Atlanta, San Diego, and Cincy OC's, Bears, OU, VaTech, and OSU's DC's.....Hackett out of Valdosta State, Jimbo Fisher real candidates....

No Leach, No Johnson, no weirdoes....
# posted by Blogger 4SEAM : 11:09 PM
# posted by Anonymous Anonymous : 11:43 AM   please advertise for me i have your link on my blog.

# posted by Anonymous Anonymous : 12:05 PM   I wish someone would tell me exactly whats wrong with Mike Leach. He took Bama to the wire last year and did so with probably half the talent that Bama has.
His offense would have to be tweeked a bit but it would work. It is a spread offense just more pass oriented than Coach Cod. Yes he would have to hire a good DC but I have no doubt he would win big at Bama.

Yes I know Bamas defense made TT's offense look ordinary in the Cotton Bowl last year but that defense made every offense look ordinary (Something about being the best D in the country) Except for Auburn... go figure.
I would take Leach in a heart beat. Is he my first choice? NO but he sure is hell wouldn't be my last choice either.

He will eventually be given the reigns of a big time school and I would love to see what he can do when his recruiting talent is on par with the big boys. Just imagine what his offense would do with Wilson, Hall, Brown and Prothro. (if Prothro gets to come back)

Here are just some of Leachs wins over the past few years.
56-17 against Texas A&M 2005
59-20 against K State 2005
70-35 against TCU 2004
70-10 against Nebraska 2004
55-15 against Clemson 2002

Here are some other tid bits.
He has never had a losing season.
TT defeated Oklahoma for the first time under Leach.
TT has won the passing title 4 years in a row under Leach.
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