Wednesday, October 25, 2006  
The REAL BCS Nightmare Scenario
People don't want to tell you this, but it's really going to take something magical for the idiots in the BCS to ever come up with a playoff. Their nightmare isn't having 3 legitimate undefeateds. It's having teams rise up that have no following and no national appeal.

Ladies and Gentlemen...I present to you the REAL BCS Nightmare...

Jan. 8th, 2007
BCS #1 vs. BCS #2

#1 Ohio State vs #2 Auburn

The only way this becomes a nightmare is if Auburn happens to get to this game without winning the SEC Championship. If the nightmare scenario plays out, you'll have a #1 vs. #2, and the #2 won't even be their own conference's champions.

Jan. 3rd, 2007
SEC vs BCS (probably Big East)

Arkansas Razorbacks vs Rutgers Scarlet Knights

The SEC Champion vs the Big East Champion. Wow. What a compelling matchup. If this actually plays out, the BCS is likely to just quit altogether. Think about how low the ratings would actually be for this game. Jeeeeez. It wouldn't even be regionally televised if it was a regular season game.

Jan. 2nd, 2007

Boston College Eagles vs Notre Dame Fighting Irish

The battle of the Golden Domers. Usually this would be a compelling matchup, but who really cares about Boston College? I'm sure they'd sell tickets, and they'll still get some ratings because of Notre Dame, but nobody cares about this game. There's no hype at all.

Jan. 1st, 2007
Big XII vs BCS

Missouri Tigers vs Boise St Broncos

The Big XII Champs hail from Missouri, and Boise St gets in because of the "non-BCS team finishing higher than 12th" rule. Think about the hype for this game. WHO CARES. If this plays out accordingly, people will be more interested in an Alabama vs Florida State Music City Bowl matchup than this game.

Jan. 1st, 2007
Big 10 vs Pac 10

Michigan Wolverines vs California Golden Bears

This might be the only legitimate matchup of all 5 games. Sad thing is, Michigan will have lost the Big 10 Championship to Ohio State, so it puts a little less shine on the game. Either way, it'd be a hell of a matchup.

That, my friends, is what the BCS is afraid of. Give them one year like this, where the bowls suddenly become irrelevant and nobody is talking about them and the TV ratings go down, and they'll turn to a playoff VERY quickly. I promise.

Comments: That's crazy. It would be great if the bowls ended up like that but not as great as the Frank Beamer picture. Maybe they'll finally get rid of the BCS computer niggas that are like Jon. They make the perfect analysist because they posses the one skill needed...absolutely no skill at real football (no so good at catching). It would make college football more interesting for the top 10 or 8 teams to play it out for a national championship. They do it for high school football and the pros, why not college? Also, Jon Moody is a nigga and I want everyone to know it.
# posted by Blogger The nigga : 12:34 PM   Well thought out analysis. Scary. Truly a nightmare scenerio.

I just have one question: What's a nigga?
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